Friday, April 23, 2010

Come Full Circle and A Raven Lands

Do you remember this butterfly rug?
I crocheted it in March 2007. I first saw a rug like this that my cousin Barbara had made for her grandchild three years ago.
I liked it so much I asked for the pattern so I could make it for my little
grand kid's bedroom.
It was made using fleece and a huge fat crochet hook, but first long strips of fleece needed to be cut out and sewn end to end and then rolled into a ball from which one would
then crochet it into shape.
I did not own a sewing machine.
I went out and bought a sewing machine. (the cheapest one I could find)
I made the rug.
Then I said: "Now what am I going to DO with this sewing machine?"
I could say "the rest is history!"
But, we aren't done yet.
Cousin Barb recently came to my blog and saw my art quilts, the one I just finished for the
woman in NY.
She said: "I want to commission you to make an art quilt with my six (two on the way) grandchildren on it next year for my playroom!"
And that is when I saw
this has come
Who would have thought that admiring a crocheted rug would change my life
in so many ways in so short a time?
This is the Global Postcard I sent to Lolo of Studio Lolo
this week!
She likes it!
Someone moved the blue sparklie flower from it's place here
to decorate the Raven. You can see the mystery move
Where Lolo posted it at Global Postcards.
Today is the first day of my three day weekend.
Find me in my art studio working on a new art quilt!
Blame it on that first butterfly! And enjoy your weekend.
A new blogger I found via Caroline, who makes
delightful stitched art.
Go see for yourself
and you too might win a piece of her work. And
giveaway here too! Don't you just love give aways?
Or maybe you don't.
Why or why not?


  1. What a delightful story!
    Indeed such a wonder how things start,,,,,,
    And how that stone moved to his neck.....a little miracle.
    Aren't you glad you made that rug ?????;)

    have a nice day!

  2. It's good to remember what got you started on this journey. Do you still have the same sewing machine?

    lovely story Lynn, like a fairytale in a way (if you get my meaning)

  3. wonderful story lynn. it shows we get back what we give out in life.

  4. and as the butterfly is a symbol of new beginnings and rebirths i think it is appropriate. congras on your new commission.

  5. Wonderful story!! The butterfly got you started on your journey...your life's path. We're very happy about that.

    I'm still smiling about the moving jewel! Maybe it was starting to come off and a nice postal worker pressed it on raven's neck. I swear it looks like you placed it there!

    A mystery :)

  6. I can hardly believe that is all the longer you have been sewing, Lynn!!! Indredible! This buitterfly rug really does have meaning!!!

  7. Shows that the postal workers do care about our mail. Cute spot to put the stone. Love the story. so thats how you got a sewing machine. wow.. Barb started it all. I saw how fast you have grown. its been fun watching you do it too. You have been the inspiration for all of us and you have gotten everyone motivated for other projects. So where would we all be if Barb hadnt made that butterfly rug!?? Wow. Thank you cousin Barb!

  8. yeah for butterflies! and glad to hear you bought the cheapest sewing machine you could find too! and wow! what and excellent story. follow those creative urges...

  9. Thanks for the shout out, Lynn. It was really thoughtful of you. I like stress free giveaways that don't require a lot of work on the recipient's part.

    And I'm glad you've come full circle, because we would never have met had you not bought that sewing machine. Way to go.

  10. Yes, Marianne, I am VERY GLAD I made that rug. ;-)

    Mim, no, I quickly traded it in on a more advanced model. I needed something with a larger space under the arm to hold the larger quilts I started making in the beginning.

    And, yes, like a fairytale.

    Soul: You think? ;-)

    Suki: Oh yes, I hadn't thought of that (even though it is the theme in my NYP quilt).

    Lolo: I am loving my new life's this stage in my life it is so abundant. I cannot express how much.
    And yes, bless that postal worker. Perhaps I wonder now if it did not want to stick to the orange fabric.

    Julie, it's the beginning of my short career as a textile artist.
    I did sew a bit earlier in life (jean wear; kids clothes, etc.)on Grandma's old Singer; and on an old treadle machine too. ;-)

    Cris, it warms my heart to be thought of as inspiring others to create!

    Messyfish: Thank you. And I hope I will not lose points with you when you learn I upgraded to a much fancier and pricer machine when I got serious about my art.

    Elizabeth: Thanks. I'm glad too for the many, many new friendships it has brought my way.

  11. I can't believe you have been sewing for such a short time. What an inspiration that butterfly has been.

  12. Don't you just love how life offers you paths when you least expect them.

  13. What a great story and gorgeous postcard too!

  14. Lynn,

    I have missed so many posts being out of town and all but as I love ravens so I loved that postcard. I really need to do a Raven piece for me. You are so inspiring.



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