Friday, April 2, 2010

Friend's Art Gifts and Celebratory Art!

My best friend Patty does not consider herself an artist, but she is the most thoughtful person on the face of the earth and sends the cutest cards. I got this one for spring this week. Thank you Patty! Lisa sent me this wonderful "made up" butterfly for our ABC ATC "K" swap! King Butterfly! And this delightful Zentangle Flower! Thank you Lisa, I love both! Debra in Oklahoma City sent me this wonderful postcard for our Global Postcard swap! Fancy Deb got it professionally printed at Snapfish! ;-) And Gina in Ireland sent this wonderful ATC for our "I" for International ABC swap! She sent it in a card full of other embellishments for me to use later. Thanks for your generous gifts! Last, but not least my DH MADE this very clever Silver Anniversary shadow box memory gift for us. (camera got caught in the reflection, but liked the flash highlighting our special day!) Thanks sweetie! You are a gem. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Our taxes are done and signed. The work on my NYP is coming to an end soon. The weekend lay ahead! Enjoy yours!!!


  1. Oh lots of goodies here and all fabulous. I especially love the sentiment from DH on your 25th anniversary. wow. Its Very special.

  2. You have had many blessings lately. How wonderful that hubby of yours is. Have a great weekend.

  3. What a gorgeous anniversary box! I love polished wood!!!!! Sweet hubby, for sure!!!

  4. Great bunch of special gifts Lynn!
    Lucky you!!!!

  5. wow, lots accomplished. and lovely presents received. enjoy your weekend

  6. Super cards and sweet gift from hubby!
    And you go girl...look at what you've accomplished!

    Enjoy the holiday weekend ;)
    Happy Passover!

  7. wonderful,loving gifts from all. hope you are having a blast of a weekend.

  8. Suki, it's a laid back weekend...but am creating lots of art. Am having fun doing that.

  9. I missed so much, I love it all. Happy 25th, that is wonderful.
    I have to go back and look at all you have shared. Thank you for your comments, I am doing well. I just have alot to do...the cleaning thing.
    Happy everyday, Mary


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