Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Passover, Happy Easter!!!!

I spent Saturday creating (2 ART Postcards) The most fun is taking them to the post office and listening to the postal worker go on and on about how cool they are!; and a traveling art book page (shown here) for Bab's of Girlfriends Traveling Sketchbook! This page completes Bab's book!!!! What a fun adventure this has been. This page is made from tissue paper, glossy papers, magazine cut out; $ dollar store stick on gems; fabric bag and scraps; machine sewing; and beads.
This is my favorite Passover picture. I've posted it before. It's a photo we found at a flea market years ago, and it hangs in my kitchen today. I always wonder if the kids are in Israel or New York or some other country? The girls are eating matzo, unleavened bread, representing the Jews fleeing the slavery in Egypt in the desert, not having time to allow their bread to rise. Let my People Go! The holiday sort of passed me by this year, as my daughter is spending it in FL with her in laws...we did not go to local family this year...or synagogue. But I have warm memories of last year at my cousin's and many many many wonderful memories of family gatherings in years past. Wishing all who celebrate in the Jewish tradition a Chag Semach. (Happy Holiday) And if Easter is your holiday I send you warm wishes on this special day for you and your loved ones as well.
Happy Easter, Passover, and Spring!


  1. Happy Passover, Lynn! Great pics and what a great sketchbook! Enjoy your day.

  2. Love your art book page there another art book going to be started I would love to be included this time ....
    happy weekend ........Lorna x

  3. happy passover to you. great page for babs. have a fun weekend. by the way, painting walls is something i love to do. that's no sweat for me. even in my 20 year rental i paid for paint and painted the walls every few years or so. its the things you have to hire people for that overwhelm my sensibilities.

  4. Your book page is wonderful and sounds like great fun to do....happy passover to you too.

  5. We were alone together this passover also, but it was OK, - good soup and a nice warm evening.

    Have a lovely day

  6. Happy passover Lynn.
    we had a quiet Easter too. Took the dog up to Driros and had a picnic.

  7. Happy Blessed Holiday to you too Lynn. I am glad that you have wonderful memories to keep your heart warm. Your art page is chock full of interesting texture color etc. Of course you know I would like the birdie specially. The word verification is notions. I think that most appropriate for this post. Cheers...

  8. Hag Sameach Lynn! Your postcard captures the spirit of Spring. I've been enjoying my day here in the studio--filled with rain and new ideas, but missing the comradary of the SoulCollage class!

  9. Love this sketchbook page!! Babs is gonna love this one. You do think up the most clever artwork.
    Happy holiday to you and yours.

  10. Thank you Lynn for remembering all the important days for your friends.
    Love that postcard!!!
    Hope your day was just great.

  11. Happy Passover Lynn, I love your favorite picture. The book page looked great too. You are always so inspiring in all you do.


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