Sunday, April 25, 2010

Terry Busse's Studio Home Show and Sale

On Saturday I took a drive up to Davis, as I'd read on Terry Busse's blog that she was having a home show and sale of her wonderful art. Terry's home was so very very inviting...full of wonderful color on walls and her studio was roomy and had plenty of room for all her stashes: bins of fabrics and wool sweaters for her felting art; trays of buttons and embellishments, cutting table, paints, sewing area, computer for everything! And her delightful art that always makes me smile was everywhere.
Is this not the most inviting looking chair just begging you to curl up with a good book or some hand work? Her wall art simply knocked me out.
Of course I had to run my fingers through the buttons...
And her outdoor prayer flags hung from every bush and tree. I bought a few to take home.
and I had to laugh at myself back in her studio when I spied this ATC on her shelf. I thought, wow, that looks like something I might do...then I realized it was something I did and sent to Terry some time ago. Too funny.
Terry has such a warm home and her art simply makes it ever so welcoming. Oh did I say that already? Well it kept happening.
I love her woven torn paper pieces...
Although there were others there who came to look and buy
we had time to chat and catch up; reminiscing about how we met when
Terry found me on my blog and asked a technical question;
and we talked about some potential plans for
our futures.
It's nice to be actual neighbors with other artists!
Thanks Terry.
I love all the goodies I brought home! 1015


  1. What a great afternoon! Nothing inspires artist's like other artists!

    The flower on the wall in the last pic made me smile :)

  2. Sounds delightful. I adore her prayer flags. For awhile I made a prayer flag greeting card. Her home looks cheerful and fun and yes, it is so inspiring to visit another artists home/work space. I agree.

  3. this sort of thing just doesn't happen here, people keep to themselves and there is no 'open house' invitation. i miss this cheery bonhomie.

  4. How fun and what a great place to work and play. Glad you got to go. Wish there were people close by here to do that with. Loved that you didnt even recognize your work at first. lol

  5. Wow, what a fun day that looks! I haven't found any other artists around here to visit, but that would be a great way to spend an afternoon. Very pretty art and such a beautiful studio. Thanks for sharing.

  6. sounds like a lovely day, good energy there

  7. It is all so good, you have found a wonderful way to express yourself. Happy art, Mary

  8. Wow, what a beautiful home, and what lovely work she does! Thanks for sharing your visit.

  9. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks so much for the lovely post. I like the photo of the buttons. Thanks again for coming, it was wonderful to sit and chat. I am now going to go check out the quilt that you made and sent off - loved hearing the stories about it

  10. What a wonderful day...I feel brighter just "being there"


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