Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunny Sunday

What do you do once you come down from a big emotional big high? For me it was the selling and making of the Garden Of Lia Eden art quilt. So much praise...Ego soaring...continued e-correspondence with S. and her continued "breathlessness, and appreciation, praise, reactions"... I hung the beautiful prayer flag I bought from Terry Busse on Saturday over the sliding back door behind my sewing machine where I can see it while I work and get inspiration. It says across the squares: "Grow Flowers...The Bees...And the Butterflies...Will love it...And your heart...Will Bloom...One group of words on each of the six squares. So light and pretty. So I went outside and planted sunflower seeds in both my front and back yards. Lots of them all over the place...the seeds are from last years Sunflower art show....I hope they are still good and will grow and bloom... Then I took a little gift (a healing pouch) I got from Terry and a cloth flower of hers too and three big grapefruit from my tree next door to D & D who are still grieving the loss of their beloved dog, Bear. And then I got to work on this new art project. It's a group project and it requires making this appliqued quilt top within precise measurements...[We already know that is NOT a Lynn thing] And I got frustrated, because even though the beginning measurements were correct...the more I tried to add the pieces outside the basket they did not line up like the picture I was to follow, and I became even MORE frustrated...and more frustrated... So I stopped. It has to be near the task is to finish this quilt top and then one person in the group will collect them from 15 of us and cut them up into fifteen pieces and we will each get a piece from each artist & one of our own to piece back together a new quilt top, which we will then quilt ourselves to keep. My pieces are not going to line up correctly. Oy. What to do?
Coming down from my high!
That's one way to do it!
Happy Monday


  1. nothing like a reminder that we are all human.

    you can do it may not like doing it - but it probably can work in some way. Good luck

  2. It may not be lining up but it looks fantastic as it is - beautiful colours and shapes.... Nothing like a challenge Lynn!!! :)

  3. Don't worry that it doesn't line up will......just remember your work is full of joy and energy and creativity ....just lose yourself in it and it will come out right....Lorna x

  4. As long as you have freinds on the way up and some for when you are up and some for the way down you will be ok. Oh and ummmm I totally relate to the sewing bits not matching up. That's the part of sewing I hate. That's what I like about your stuff. Do you have to do it? Just give it back. Say too hard. And go make another fab Lynn quilt.

  5. deep breath....aaaah.

    You can do it!

    My heart aches for your neighbors. We're never ready for the day we lose our companions :(

    I love those prayer flags. What a sweet version of them.

    Congrats on the success of the quilt! You've touched another heart with your art.♥

  6. I understand how you feel, it seems this happens to me a lot too! I just can't seem to stay in the 'lines'! :) LOL!! It all looks so beautiful, Lynn! You can do this and it WILL work your way!!


    PS: hope the healing for D&D is helping, it hurts terribly to lose our furkids

  7. Mim said it all very well.
    So sad about the neighbors dog. Yesterday I heard from a dear friend in MO that their young dog died from a mass on its kidneys. The ARE our kids. We grieve for them as we would our kids. Hoping time will help them.
    PS.Make something fun and easy for yourself while doing this hard in the lines project...

  8. If the person down the line has to cut up all the pieces cant she just make them all the same size. IE if yours it a bit too big she can trim it?? I have a little bit of hard time with precise measuring myself. Which makes it ironic that I bind books which paper cutting requires exact measuring but mine never is so I just let it be.

    I think once a big project is completed, whether art project or writing, I remember this with writing esp, there is a kind of space, emptyness and I believe it is okay for that to exist and for a little time gap to be there whilst one processes the enormous focus and calling up of creativity that creating the art project called for. You have received so much praise and that is so wonderful. I say bask in that a bit, just be with it. With the power of your creativity and creative self. Acknowledge it and honor it. It is glorious.

  9. Suki all your advice is wonderful and well taken. The cutting process however does not work that way. The quilt tops (15) will each be cut into 15 equal sections and the each section of the picture of all my blocks are supposed to then match up to the next persons sections. So say there are five blocks across the top (there will be three rows of five blocks) block #1 needs to line up to the next persons block #2. So the corner of the basket handle in my #1 block needs to match up to the continuation of that basket handle in person #2's block #2. Does this make it clearer?
    So while laying out my basket and veggies they did not always fall in the right spot exactly to match up to the next persons layout.
    So my contribution might have a bit of a Picasso look to it...I'm going ahead and doing it "my way" and hoping for the best or near to best!

    I totally hear you on giving myself time to take in the kudos for the Garden of Lia Eden quilt and will! Thanks for the reminder that down time inbetween is okay too.

  10. I like your piece of the quilt, and hope your frustrations are behind you now...


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