Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On Saturday I also visited...readying me for Bloomin' Tuesday!

My friend Cherryene in Davis is a master gardener...she grows these deep dark almost black purple bearded Iris'...And she is a landscape artist who designs gardens for a living! Her latest design was showcased on a tour in our town and was like something you'd see in Sunset magazine! It's on that wonderful street with all the flowers and older homes I walk on at noontime!
and she said the next time I came to her home she'd dig up some of these (I forget what she said they were) for my garden...
Are they not royal looking?
And speaking of Royal
her daughter,
was going to be the star of a play the very next day
and Cherryene had made this wonderful
crown for her beautiful head!
Love all the smiles
Bloom'in Tuesday!


  1. Happy Tuesday. Love those flowers and the iris are unbelievable. Simply GORGEOUS colors. You are really lucky to have such a good friend (and her daughter is a real sweetie).

    The prayer flags look great where you hung them. And I would never make anything where I had to use a precise measurement, especially when it came to fabric. Nothing frustrates me more than fabric I'm having trouble with. So, I hope you did just like me: walk away until I feel better about the piece.

    Hope your weekend was awesome.

  2. gorgeous color on the iris. that crown is a riot. love it.

  3. I love those deep dark Irises. I really like them in this bud stage you have shown as well as in full bloom. Such texture and rich colors. Your friends daughter has much to smile about with her crown on. She is a cutie.

  4. I love Iris'
    I have one in bud and more to come. My neighbor gave me some really pretty ones I am looking forward to seeing bloom. Love the crown. What a talented Mom. :)

  5. This is definately a "royal" post!
    The iris are magnificent..and the crown is so befitting that sweet Princess :)

    I also LOVE the pomegranate header!

  6. Beatiful iris. One of my favorites. I love the great pictures and the wonderful ideas. What a treat

  7. I adore those Irises - the colour is so regal! Amazing headpiece!!


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