Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Huge Clean Up Reveals Past Life of Lynn!

I had the day off on Monday so I got busy cleaning up around the house. I attacked some bookshelves upstairs...bagging up books to take to the thrift store to donate...while going through the many shelves of books I came across this old diary/journal from circa 1956-59... There was a lot of writing and a few this one of my cat, "Doc", who I got when I was five years old, and who died when I was 18 and away at college. Doc was a scruffy white Persian with blue eyes...always just this side of very dirty...he suffered broken legs twice from jumping off the roof of our house...he truly had nine lives...
I was frugal from a young age, very careful with money, and you can see here from what I spent that I knew how to make my allowance go far...
Check out those gas prices!
I thought you'd get a kick out of this statement!
And what was most important!
There's more, and you can look forward to seeing some of it
show up in some fabric art before long.
My next challenge to myself.
Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. That is so funny! Doc is great and the fact that you "can't sew at all" is a total hoot!!

  2. Oh Lynn, this is a fabulous treasure!! Doc was a beauty, I loved seeing the photo of his sweet face, those whiskers made me laugh!! I thought the entry about 'ma makes a lot of them, I can't sew' was pretty darn funny since you sew some beautiful things!!! Wow, how things change, huh?

  3. Broken legs twice!! Poor Doc! Maybe Lynn, you could make a cat quilt with Doc's nine lives :)

    I just let my half Persian/half Burmese black cat Phoebe in from outside. It's after 11pm so heaven knows what she's been up to, it being a full moon tonite and bright as day outside. 'Pussy cat, Pussy cat, where have you been.....'

  4. What fun finding this. I am amazed at the prices of Everything. My goodness things have changed. :O And cant sew at all is a huge hoot. lol Guess we should never say never. :)

  5. I love it...always love old diaries etc, so funny. I also have a load of my son's drawings from when he was knee high to a grass cute..
    Take care

  6. great ...I wonder how much clearing you did after you had found the diary ....or did you spend the rest of the day reading it???......Lorna x

  7. And such sweet memories from the past!!!


  8. ha ha roflmao, i love the 'ma makes them i can't sew, what a hoot lynn. certainly been a few changes since then. what a pleasure to find such a treasure.

  9. It is wonderful that you have some memorabelia from your youth. My mother threw everything away. She wasn't a saver. I am sort of like that. I have saved some things since becoming an adult. I can't wait to see what you do with some of your "personal life". HAW.

  10. What a sweet find! Yep, I remember when $1 worth of gas would get you and your friends around town and still get home with some gas in the tank!

  11. I remember my Dad sitting me down to do a budget like this...he had what seemed like thousands of these ledger books. It was a different time!


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