Thursday, April 29, 2010

I love Gifts and Giveaways on Grateful Thursday!

I love promoting other artists feels so good to share in this circle...I feel as though I have been blessed since sharing my art on my blogs to meet so many talented others, who in turn share so much with me. Laurel of Studio Lolo sent me this wonderful "Queen Bee (of the quilting/sewing variety!)" she said! She included her card to guide us to her Etsy shop where you can see more of her really fantastic paintings. See more of her art on her blog here.
check out the card she sent me with the little cat, "Henry V Jr" coming out of the bag in front! Henry V cops to it, it's his! ;-)
Susan Tuttle is having a giveaway of her new book:
You can see it on
Susan is offering a chance to win her new book in her giveaway: here.
I would love to learn more about using Photoshop Elements and Susan's photography is exceptionally beautiful as can be seen on her blog: here.
Let's see, what else have I to be grateful for today?
1. Henry V only brought us one dead rat this week!
2. I'm all ready for the juried art show jury this weekend.
3. S. in NY continues to find more things in the "Garden of Lia Eden" that amaze
and delight her...her on going stream of appreciation warms my heart no end.
4. I seem to have gotten around all the frustrations for the
"Stone Soup quilt challenge" and am almost done with Stage 1.
5. I got a call from my son who is looking forward to my visit in May.
6. I found two old journals that are taking me back to an earlier time in my life
and making me smile.
My only question is where did the time go and how did I get this old?
Happy Grateful Thrusday to YOU my dear Friends!


  1. You have so much to be thankful for Lynn. That Lolo does know how to make one smile. Good luck in your show this weekend.

  2. What an awesome list to be grateful for. Hope to see some of the things from your show this weekend.

  3. I always feel the gratitude here Lynn :)

    I won those 'free' cards at Moo. I like to tuck them into my Etsy orders as a thank you because they give you a discount at Moo :)

    I'm glad you like your Queen Bee with her glittery wings!

    Hmmm, that Photoshop book looks awesome. I love her work! Should I???? (enter, I mean.)

    It sounds like you've had a chock full week again. yay!♥

  4. Fun stuff here and you always have lots to be grateful for. Lolos works is so lovely isnt it? I hope everything you are putting in gets in the show coming up.

  5. Oh goodie. your old commenter box is back. much easier to do and get comments from. :))

  6. I always love your words at the end of your Thankful Thursday posts...they are so heartfelt!

    Lolo's bee is absolutely amazing and so spot on perfect for you. Super!

  7. O... isn't it fantastic we have so much to be thankful for!?
    Lolo's bee is fabulous! (as all of her art)
    And the appreciation from NY! So priceless!
    Yes blogging leads to thankfulness!

  8. oh sweet lolo, sending love and joy all over the blogs do have loads to be thankful for sweet lynn.

  9. You are done with stage one of the quilt!? Good for you.


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