Friday, April 30, 2010

More Fun Reading My Girlhood Diary

Sal Mineo was my heart throb of the day...His role in the movie Exodus was instrumental in my going to Israel several years later! I am sure of it. I love this excerpt about future career choices...I actually followed up on a few of them! I am bowled over to see how much I actually dated. I had remembered myself
as a complete loner and wall flower. I guess I had more male friends than I recalled. And this one is priceless, don't you think? Life wasn't so bad in the 1950's!
Fun bringing it back for a visit to the past.


  1. OMG - teenage years! wouldn't want to live them over again with all that angst

  2. Never heard of him... But he is hot!!

  3. Wow! What a great photo of Sal Mineo, sure looked a bit like Elvis but then again that was probably all studio stuff.

    Great diary entries! I bet you had a great Prom! How come there's no details? Dress, hair, shoes, all the fun stuff, oh and yeah, date details too? LOL!

  4. You know your getting old when someone says they've never head of your idol from when you were young. LOL I remember Sal Mineo. ;) Love the journal pages. Sounds like you were no wallflower. Yes where was the detail of the dress, flowers etc.?

  5. Mim, yes, I do rememember a lot of suffering, laying across my bed looking out the window, day dreaming, waiting for the phone to ring...waiting...waiting...waiting...

    Lisa, I am enjoying it from my perspective NOW!

    Messyfish, He was around when James Dean was popular. Certainly you heard of HIM!!!

    Artymess, ah shucks, thanks.

    Cat, Sal was NATURALLY HANDSOME!!!
    I don't know why I left out those dress, etc. details. I think the "boy" part was the most important to me, being accepted. More than the clothes. I doubt that date details would excite anyone very much either. I was very "square" as we said in those days.

    Cris, yes, the age part is a bit unsettling...but then we had to start somewhere.

  6. I remember those days also (altho I never kept a diary) and I love James Dean a ton.

    Fun things to reminisce about.

  7. Hi dear,
    How fun that you still have it...sorry for not being around for sometime...check my blog I have a special request about Israel and the region.

  8. How great to have found all this history of yours!!! I do not remember Sal.

    Have a great weekend.


  9. It's amazing that when others were keeping diaries, I kept none. I often wrote letters to friends, but didn't enjoy writing until I got my first computer in 1984 (yep, George Orwell would have been proud).

    Your handwriting is simply gorgeous. I love all the entries, although I had to look up who Sal Mineo was.

  10. Teri, I loved James Dean too. Both died so young, so sad.

    Efrat, so glad to see you again...and I did go to your blog and will sit in silence for three minutes on Sunday thinking positive thoughts for peace in the entire middle east! For EVERYONE!!!

    Julie, I am probably the OLDEST blogger and that is why I know Sal Mineo and you do not. He played in West Side Story and Exodus. And other films as well. He was my true heart throb. I should not be at all surprised that my first husband, the Israeli, looked a bit like Sal with that thick dark hair and eyes~

    B & E...thank you for your compliment. I did a lot of long hand letter writing as a kid and as an adult. I got my computer late in life...and now I fear that longhand is a lost art.

  11. oooh yes i loved him too and i loved exodus, have seen it many many times and it still grabs at my heart. what fun you are having remembering.


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