Saturday, May 1, 2010

Back To Nature

Creating Art on Friday Morning (my day off from my day job)...for Fabric Art/Mixed Media Monthly Challenge. (Run by Susan Sorrell)
I made my Nature Theme piece centered around a piece of tree bark I picked up on one of my walks some weeks ago...saving it for I knew not what, but now I know!
The background center fabric is, believe it or not, still left over from that very first learn how to quilt class first project (July 2007 at The Quilted Heart). The smaller pieces of fabric around the border were gifted to me yesterday from Terry the school librarian at the middle school where DH teaches! Thank you Terry, I couldn't wait to put them to good use. Click on Terry's name to go to her blog: A Chance of Rain!!!
The bark hangs from a thin piece of jewelry wire (gold).
I photographed it in my backyard!
Happy Saturday
Shabbat Shalom


  1. That bark looked like material to me when I first saw it. Another amazing fun piece by Lynn.

  2. Hi Lynn,

    What a fun surprise to see the fabric on your latest creation. I knew it was going to a very good home. :-)

    I love that you used tree bark! I am a nature girl through and through and I too love "treasures" that I find on walks. This will be a neat piece of art for your grandchildren to see and touch!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Hugs, T

  3. yes I thought it was fabric too it's lovely Lynn

  4. are wonderful...
    Take care

  5. What an interesting piece of bark with all that lichen and moss on it. It is a great centerpiece for your art work. Happy Sabbath.

  6. This is incredible! I found a really remarkable peice of pine bark a few weeks ago, and saved it for a while, but then decided to throw it away! How great that you thought of a way to use it!!!

  7. Thanks all...and thanks Terry again for the fabric gift! ;-)))

  8. I adore bark. up here, i collect birch bark. i thought the leaves around the outer edge was a photo of leaves you used as a border for the art piece! Have a fun sunday.

  9. Well, Suki, I did use the actual leaves as a frame which I then photographed to set off the art!
    So in a way you were right on.

    Birch bark is quite beautiful.

  10. I like the tree bark too! It is a real beauty. You have an eye for beautiful colours and textures.


  11. Beatiful !! I love it.

    Thanks for you visit on my blog.



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