Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back Down To Earth Again!

These flowers are in the back of the art gallery (where I spent all day Sunday with the jurors)... It was a welcome respite to see on our way to lunch mid day. I sat with the judges and listened to their banter about other artists, other galleries, where it was best to be shown, the state of affairs for art teachers in California, etc.
Thank you all for leaving your comments on my blog yesterday I felt your support , encouragement and kudos.
Consider this a bouquet from me to each of you.
I made a short post about all this on Facebook too,
and got a very sweet comment from my son. He said:
"You are an Artist"
That was the best prize of all!
Thanks, Dan!
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday
It was a feeling of relief to be back at my day job on Monday;
listening to my clients problems, sharing my counseling expertise,
helping in healing ways.


  1. you are a wonder juggling all these facets of your life and i agree with your son, you are indeed an artist and i am so glad to have been part of your journey.

  2. You are not only an artist. You are a good artist no matter what the judges think. Nothing like a day job to keep you grounded. Ha..

  3. So what was the state of affairs for art teachers in California?
    Sweet of your Son to post what he said. YOU ARE ARTIST. I say HEAR YOU matter what didnt get in this show. Only a true Artist can take something old & used and repurpose it into something beautiful with meaning.YOU GO GIRL!!! ;)

  4. I love the pink against the blue.

    And I love what your son said ;)

  5. Totally agree with your son. And thanks for the lovely bouquet. The roses are beautiful.

  6. lovely photo. getting into an art show is like getting into Harvard eh? but at least it doesnt cost 100,000 a year. (no idea what the actual cost is). You were brave and now have new insights into this aspect of the artists world. Yet, frankly, I have always thought the important part was the creating. making things no matter what the outside world says, yeah or neah. And you are supreme at that!

  7. Soul, thanks, glad to be a part of yours as well!!!!

    Lisa, thanks for your continued kudos and encouragment! Love it.

    Cris, art is being taken out of most public schools it seems. DH is teaching drawing now as an elective, but it will be dropped next year.

    Lolo, me too!!!

    Judith, you are most welcome.

    Suki, for members it was $10 per art piece to enter the show, $20 for non-members. I felt my $50 was a much needed donation to the gallery. They are strapped.

    Thanks for the kudso...It IS about the making of it...but for me getting that extra stroke from outside is such validation. Just how I am wired I guess. Maybe after doing this for 20 years I'll be so self confident I won't need the outside reassurance any more.

  8. Yes, you are an artist...I am learning many things from you!!!


Thanks for leaving your comments as I love hearing from you. Your words of encouragement are why I continue to draw!