Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Animal Wednesday and Tuesday's Walk

Tuesday's noontime walk to the post office was to mail a new quilt top off to Australia for the Quilts Around The World Challenge. You'll have to wait until the end of June to see it though, sorry. On the walk I was really in the mood to stop and smell the roses. And I did just that. The aroma of these beauties was joy to my nose... and eye...
As were these twin beauties...
Then I turned down a new street and found this guy! What is he thinking? What is it seeing?
Too funny!!!!!!!!!
I don't think the people who live here need to worry about
with these 3 guys guarding their fortress...
And this guy?
Well we saw him where the owls hang out last Saturday.
We saw a few owls too but my photos of them were not post worthy.
Next time perhaps.
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday and Happy Animal Wednesday.
Remember to stop and smell the roses where you are! Today would have been my Mother's birthday. My mom had a gorgeous rose garden where I grew up. It was planted in four squares around a central bird bath with a big green
ceramic frog in it.
As little kids Patty and I used to ride our tricycles around it.
Later my children did the same.
Happy Birthday Mom.


  1. love those guard dogs!

    Happy animal wednesday and happy birthday to your mom - I'm sure she hears you

  2. I love the way you framed the red rose! All of the pics are wonderful. I'm loving those guard dogs too. They look hot though. :P

    Happy B'day memories of your mom♥

  3. I think what you discribed about your Mothers Garden sounds lovely and very inviting and lots of fun for little girls. Nice memories.
    Love all the flower photos and I think I would feel safe with those big dogs in my front yard. lol

  4. What a fun and beautiful walk. Your Mom's birthday is not far from mine. Lovely memories.

  5. Those roses look yummy. I can almost smell them. The dogs do look hot. They were watching you too. What fond memories of your Mom and her garden.

  6. What lovely photos. I stop and admire roses whenever I can and take in their beautiful scent. You have fond memories of your mom's rose garden.
    in answer to your question No I did not know Jude before we moved here.

  7. Happy birthday to your late Mom. Her rose garden sounded very pretty with the birdbath! The roses you found on your walk are so lovely! Bet they smelled so good too! Can't wait to see your quilty quilt!!!!!

  8. Beautiful pictures of the roses and the chipmunck looks cute.

  9. What an eye for beauty you have my favorite is the little guy in the end sooooo cute.

  10. I wouldn't go in there.... Beautiful dogs though.....
    i love it when roses smell!
    Good you stopped!


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