Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grateful Thursday is My Friday!

Now that I work four days a week Thursday is my Friday and for that I am grateful. This week I've been working on a new art quilt, a small 14" X 11" piece for an online Interweave/Quilting Arts group challenge.
I've put in part of two days work into in so far and will undoubtedly finish it on Friday.
Then I will submit it to the website where it will be on display for voting along with many others art on the same theme/challenge. There is a prize of a new Bernina sewing machine for the winner!
And it could possibly be chosen to be shown in their publications, Internet website, shows, etc. So I will be directing you there so you can look it over and if you deem it worthy ask you to cast your vote.
In the meantime enjoy some more flowers and trophies from my walk earlier this week!
Enjoy the day!


  1. Ohhh...a new prise!!!! Good luck!!!

  2. TGIT for you. I hope you win the new sewing machine. I have heard this is an excellent machine.

  3. Fingers crossed for your win. Love all those blooms!

  4. I absolutly love that first photo with the flowers spilling out of that ceramic basket. I think your more interesting in a challenge then the machine. Getting into the magazine would be pretty awesome too. Something I expect to see you do one day.

  5. OHHHH I love the first picture especially. Love the way the flowers just flow out of ht basket. Good luck on your quilt.

  6. i would vote for you anytime.

  7. your art and your photographic skills seem to expanding by leaps and bounds...perhaps all these extra hours in your week is giving you more creative energy? anyway, loved the first and third the best, those roses, though they look wilted perhaps or something, wasn't sure, are still yummily yummily a word? xoxo♥

  8. i forgot to wish you good luck ;) good luck to you!

    and now to fill in the wv ;0


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