Friday, May 7, 2010

Nest Building

Offer me a challenge and I run, not walk to my sewing machine and whip it out, as I did this piece in three days! Interweave hosted a challenge giving us a photo to use to create an 11" X 14" quilt. Prizes for the most votes between now and June 28 is a Bernina Sewing Machine. But also, and even more exciting a thought to me, is the possibility of having my work published in one of their magazines, used on their e-medias or shown in shows! (But I wouldn't sneeze at the sewing machine prize either! LOL) If you would like to vote for my art work you probably have to sign up to be a member first and then go here apparently there is a red word JOIN to click on! to cast your vote for Nest Building posted by Lynn Cohen. There is a tag to the right of the photo there that says: Total Votes Vote for this! Click there and your vote is cast. Thanks if you take the time to do all this.
Details: Mother swan is building her nest with twigs I found outside and hand sewed to the background nest that is heavily machine sewn free motion style using brown variegated thread.
Her body was sewn by bobbin thread (silver metallic) on the reversed mirror image print/copy of their photo. Then cut out and sewn down raw edged applique style to the background.
The background is two pieces of cotton fabric from my stash for grasslands and water. Both heavily machine sewn free motion style in greens and blues. Silver metallic thread top sewn as reflection from the sun on the water. More twigs are added to the sides to frame the picture. Bound in turquoise left over fabric from NYP!
I will be gone over the weekend, visiting my son and his family in Oregon. DH and Henry will be here holding down the fort. I have no doubt I will have tons to share come Monday upon my return.
Happy Mother's Day to all who celebrate this either for yourselves or your own mothers in life or spirit memory. That's one thing we all have in common, we all came from mothers!
Enjoy Your Weekend!


  1. WOW. I love this. You should win that sewing machine. Happy Mother's Day to you too. Have a great weekend.

  2. Amazing. I can't imagine getting it done that fast. Happy Friday

  3. this is beautiful! have a great trip and a happy mom's day to you too.

  4. Just gorgeous Lynn - you've got my vote! Have a great weekend!

  5. I love the idea of using real sticks for the texture and 3-d effect.

    Going to vote!!

  6. This is great. I love it. I will vote too. I did Try to but couldnt figure it out so will try again.
    Have a GREAT weekend, You deserve it.
    Word Verification is..messo. I know you have been cleaning all day. So I hope your house wont be a "messo" when you get home. lol

  7. I'm already a member, so I am going to vote for yours, now. Love it and all the beautiful machine stitching. I can't believe you "whipped" it out so fast. You are amazing.

  8. Lisa, thank you!
    Mim, glad you like it.
    Martha Ann thanks, I am known to be a fast quilter. ;-)
    Suki thanks so much. "Red Heart" to you and the memory of your Mom!
    Patti thanks for voting!!!
    Teri C. I appreciate your vote too, Thanks so much.
    Cris you are so funny. DH will do his best to get the house looking as it was before I cleaned, I can guarentee it! Thanks too for voting for Nest Building.
    Bluebeard and Elizabeth, thanks for your vote.

    I really appreciate the votes. I have six so far. (8PM Friday night) good for first day of posting. I need many more so if you want to ask your friends...I won't mind at all. LOL

  9. this is so beautiful and masterly done... i'm on my way to vote...
    you ARE the winner!

    hugs and kisses

  10. Human being, thanks so much. I appreciate your vote!!! ;-)

  11. I love it...and the fact that you just got in there and did it is inspiring. I voted for your beautiful art work...hope you win.

  12. this is amazingly lovely, and you know i am your number one fan! have voted, good luck to you and happy mom's day.

  13. It's quite lovely Lynn, well done. xxx

  14. My vote has been cast!

    Did all of you get to work from a photo or something? I was surprised at seeing similar scenes (although I liked yours best!)

  15. It's Beautiful as always. Good luck I hope you'll win.

  16. I cannot tell you all how grateful I am for so many of you taking the time to go to the Interweave site and vote for my Nest Building quilt. Now...if you'd each tell a friend... LOL... some people are up to 48 far I have 15...and climbing hopefully...
    Thanks again I really love all your support.

    and Lolo, yes, we were all given the same photo to download, we could do it exactly (which is pretty much what I did) or we could do a variation on the theme. You can see a wide variety of what people chose to do. There are some really lovely works of art there.
    I just want that sewing machine!!!
    LOL I have no shame, or very little. Actually what I want and might still get even if I do not come in first is the opportunity to have my art chosen in the magazine. That would really be top prize for me. We'll see. Fingers crossed.

    In the meantime I am off to Oregon to be grandma and mom for a lovely lovely weekend!!!! So excited.

  17. Lynn I did join to enable me to vote but then couldn't work out how to vote will go back onto it with your instructions ....I hope you win it ...Good Luck ....Lorna

  18. That is really awesome! Happy Mother's Day!

  19. Fabulous Lynn - have been across to vote for you!

  20. Hi Lynn, i can't believe how productive you are. Beautiful work. I just gave you a vote. Good luck!

  21. I do hope you get the cotes you need this is really lovely work Lynn

    Love Dawn xx


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