Monday, May 10, 2010

On Saturday I flew away...

On Saturday I flew out of Sacramento, California to Portland, Oregon found my way through the clouds and through the airport to be met by my son, Dan, who lives there with his wife Jackie, their dog Juno, and 20 yr old cat, whose name escapes me...Oops! When we got to their house Juno needed a walk so Jackie (left) and Kaeli, my 16 yr old grand daughter and Dan and I took him to the park with lots and lots of dog buddies were there to run with him... (I'll post about them on Animal Wednesday).
Later in the day my grandson, Mikiah, who will turn 20 later this month popped in to say hi. He's the one I made the Simply Dreadful art quilt for last December, remember? And that night we all went to the circus! OHMYGod! I have never spent more time being terrified for peoples safety in my life! The acrobatics and trapeze work was awesome (if you like that sort of thing, unfortunately it was lost on me as I hid behind my hands for most of their show! Scared out of my wits was I!) At intermission Kaeli tried on a mask...As did Dan and Jackie...and Julia, Mikiah's young lady. I forgive Dan for taking me to this show that everyone else seemed to love so much and that scared me half to bits...we had such a sweet day on Sunday...but I'll wait till tomorrow to tell you more...stay tuned.
And now let me say THANK YOU to all of you who have cast your votes for my NEST BUILDING QUILT in the Fiber Arts Challenge! As of May 10, 11 PM I have 41 votes! This is terrific. However, there are 6 people ahead of me. I am19 votes behind the person with the most votes so far. So...if you have a friend, a family member with their own email address whose arm you can twist...and eck out a few more votes to throw my way...I'd be forever grateful. ;-)
The site is: Once there find the red square in the upper right hand corner to JOIN. Click on that and answer their info.
They will then send you email and you click on that to get to the site with the home page. Go to top of that page where it says Photo Galleries. click on it and then on the first one Bernina Challenge and when my quilt NEST BUILDING posted by LYNN COHEN is found it will say VOTE FOR THIS next to it. Click on that and your vote will be posted. Thanks so much again!!!


  1. what a beautiful family; so glad you had a good time but too bad you got scared. Oh well....

    I'll go vote with my other email address!!!

  2. you and your son look much alike. that particular circus is supposed to be wonderful. i myself also dont like circuses, more because i dont like to see animals used that way to entertain people.

  3. What a wonderful day with family. Too bad you can't relax and enjoy the circus. Those people are absolutely extreme atheletes.

  4. I voted! Those are some lovely quilts, but I like everything you got into yours! It's beautiful! Good luck, Lynn!!!

    Glad you had a good time with your son and family. Oregon must be so gorgeous!!!

  5. Sounds and looks like a fab weekend!!!

  6. Lynn, they look so much like you!

    The circus always scared me as a kid. And today I'm with Suki, circuses and rodeos are so hard on the animals. The acrobats are amazing though! I would love to see Circue De Soleil.

    A twenty year old! Good for them for being such good animal parents. They must get it from you ;)

  7. I rem ember that piece with dreads! He seems to have combed his hair since?? What a scary sounding show. I would have had my eyes closed too. Or I would be making grusome jokes to ease the fear.

  8. Sounds like a good time was had even if you are afraid of heights. This circus isnt the kind that has animals tho. Just the human animals flying around like they were birds with wings. lol The cat is 20 years old??.. wow.

  9. Sounds like fun, and I love that circus! I saw it once in S.F. and loved it, and I liked that there were no animals being used!
    My family lives in Portland!
    Have fun and good luck with the contest, the quilt is lovely.

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day, aside from the circus. Your family shows a lot of love. I can see it in the photos. Enjoy the fun of it all.

    BTW, I didn't realize and used my blogger e-mail address to vote. I didn't even have to sign up or sign in. Just voted and that was that.

  11. Great photos of your weekend Lynn! Look forward to more!

  12. Looks like lots of fun was had here! I like the circus, but haven't been to one in years. Love that looong art quilt on the airport(?) wall.

  13. Mim I appreciate your vote!!!
    Suki, you think we look alike? Great as he is so handsome! LOL
    And no animals in this circus at all, just very talented strong people!
    Lisa, I agree, too bad,and yes they are. I saw a lot of it...
    Julie, I appreciate your vote thanks...and yes, Oregon was in full bloom!!!
    Teri C, it was! The best!!!!
    Lolo, that cat is my daughter in laws! She is very good to animals!
    Her idea they got a dog! My son's first. He loves it too.
    Messyfish, I do not know about his hair as he never took that cap off...but I see what you mean the front is combed. I should have asked.
    Cris...yes, yes, yes.
    Annie, if your family is in Portland and my family is in Portland wouldn't it be cool if sometime we met in Portland?
    Blue...yes lots of love...and thanks for voting. Kool the way it worked for you.
    Caroline it was the best.
    Katiejane, that mural was painted! Isn't it cool?

  14. Lovely travelogue you posted! The photos are full of love and Cirque de Soleil? I always say I'm going to one of their shows one day! I will vote from every computer I have access too and also post it on my cat blog, as my CatBlogosphere friends have voted my cats to #1 twice, from far far behind! I'd love for you to win that Bernina!

  15. I am reading everything backwards but enjoying what I see and read!
    Good to see you had a good time!
    Love that colorful airplane!


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