Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Animal Wednesday & family

Photos from Portland visit...son and his kids. My grand daughter will graduate high school this Friday, and in August she will leave home for college in WI. A small school where a sixteen year old just about to turn 17 can be comfortable. My grandson just moved into a new home, renting a newly renovated Victorian. I'll post more of that later! This is the twenty year old kitty, who looks like a kitten to me! And Juno is the black dog in front with the blue collar
getting ready to run and chase the ball with his buddies at the park.Happy Late in the Day Animal Wednesday!
Nest Building Quilt Contest Voting news: I have moved up to 5th place!
Thanks again for voting!
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  1. Hi Lynn
    Oh your grandbabies are so big and venturing out into the real world...that sounds like a good place for a young lady to be studying. Nice picture....

    Oh your kitty is 20. She does look like a much younger cat. I had a black and white cat named kelly. She was just like a kitten too. She developed a tumor on her jaw and after 5 months I had to put her down but otherwise she was in such good health. Her name was Kelly. She was 20.5 years old. How sweet yours is too..

    It looks like you have had great weather....nice to see you.

  2. I love that dog that is leaping in the air. It cracks me up. That cat of your Sons sure doesnt look 20!!! wow. so glad you had so much fun. Did you get pix of that Victorian house? That would be cool to see.

  3. Judi, thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you will return. Kelly must have been a real love, glad you had her for so long.

    Cris, yes, I got awesome shots of the Victorian.I'll post them later.

  4. Glad you're moving up in the polls. Way to go. That 20 year old cat really does look like a kitten. When my last cat was 19, he looked like an old man and he started to act his age. Your son is blessed.

    What an amazing week you've had. Will you be staying for the graduation?

  5. Lovely family photos. Thanks for sharing

  6. Lovely pics Lynn. All those dogs! I hope your young one will be happy at college.

  7. wow -a 20 year old kitty - that is something.
    I too went to college at 16, just turning 17 - it was young but OK for me. I hope she enjoys it.
    and happy late day after animal wednesday

  8. You look so young to have grandkids that age!!! Wowzers!

    Congrats to them on graduations and big moves!

    Yeahhhhh...5th place...yeahhhhh!!!

  9. 20 years......he still looks so handsome cats never seem to age.


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