Friday, May 14, 2010


My first grandchild turns twenty (20) in a few short weeks! I decided to make him an art journal for the occasion.
book not yet process Since he is in the process of moving to a new abode, a beautifully newly restored Victorian house, and we helped him move on Sunday, I came home and drew the story of the move.
First there were huge boxes into which they just stuffed all their clothing in his and her boxes! And just before we left the "old house" the cat got out and was hiding in a very tall tree refusing to come down. Julia finally...after much cajoling got him down with a bird on a string toy that
enticed him enough to land on the ground to catch it.
and then we could pile all those boxes into two cars and drive them over to the new place.
Okay, a little out of sync here...This is me earlier on Mother's Day with Kaeli (16) and Mikiah almost 20. Can you tell how happy I am?
Now, back to moving...
This house is in the registry so well it was restored. And it is 120 years old! It is picture perfect in every way imaginable.
Two stories, gorgeous wood floors and doorways, stairs, banister, old bathtub on feet,
french doors between living room and formal dining room,
three bedrooms, big basement, updated kitchen with new modern tile,
all new appliances, lovely light fixtures throughout,
original hinges and handles on doors,
stained glass window in living room,
amazing shapes, nooks and crannies,
modernized closets for more space
simply amazing.
And he gets this at 20?
somebody is watching over him!
More about my little grand kids tomorrow!
Stay tuned!


  1. first apartment was a cold water walk up flat, with heat only in the kitchen. In MA where it get's REAL cold. lucky kids these are

  2. Your Grandson is certainly blessed. With that said you are also mightly blessed.

  3. They have certainly landed on thier feet. It looks beautiful. Oh and wish him a happy birthday from me.

  4. Wow, that is amazing. What a wonderful way to spend your vacation and his upcoming birthday. Loved the drawing, too. That cat in a tree and story are priceless. And yes, I can tell how happy you are.

  5. Wow.. a cool Victorian house all fixed up. wow. How did they ever find such a cool place to live? I would like to see a little more of the house. The journal for your GS is looking good. Love the cat in the tree drawing. :)

  6. How sweet of you to journal his transition!

    His and her boxes? Is he moving in with his sister or girlfriend?

    The house is gorgeous!

  7. Mim, my first was a one room, no indoor plumbing "shack" in Israel on the kibbutz! I later lived in CA in an old Victorian with no insulation, that got torn down 15 yrs later when we moved out!

    Lisa, thanks.

    Judith, consider it done!

    Blue, glad you enjoyed the drawing!

    Cris, I will post more house photos another time, as it really is worth showing!

    Lolo, he has moved in with his girlfriend. They've been together a while. They have his and her rooms too, as their tastes are different...his "hippie" art in one and her "lacy, girly stuff" in anohter! Its cute and funny.

  8. Wow, I love it..have they room for a lodger???
    Wish him everything he needs and more, from me.

  9. oooh everyone looks so happy, and ths un is shining and gran is there and what utter joy. you are truly blessed lynn.

  10. My first Granddaughter will turn 20 in July, it does not seem possible. He is really good looking and you are a wonderful grandmother. I do see how happy you are...Love being a Grandma, Mary

  11. Your family is so beautiful and filled with love...It shines from each and every face...LovelY!

  12. The house and those kids look beautiful!
    You have a rich life Lynn!

  13. What a beautiful smile on that grandson of yours! I'm not a big fan of dreadlocks, but I do admire that he is not afraid to be himself! I read your comment further down, so he's artsy too?! How wonderful - I bet you get to share lots of artsy talke.


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