Saturday, May 15, 2010

Grandparents Day At Grandkids School!

What a day I had on Friday! I was invited to Grandparents Day and over 200 grands and good friends of the children came to a beautiful luncheon and assembly. And we got to spend time in their kindergarten classroom too. My grandson showed off his talents on the basketball court for us! He is really quite adept at shooting baskets!!! You can see how proud of himself he is here right after making a basket. My grand daughter helped me capture all the wonderful art on the walls in the outside hallways of the school.
Inside was their collection of caterpillars and silk worms.
And the kids made Challahs for each of us to take home. We celebrated the Sabbath with them.
For those of you following and/or participating in the ABC ATC blog here is an example of more Hebrew letters (which I have been making as my part in that blog challenge).
The kids had written out questions to ask all the grandparents. What fun to see them learning to read and showing interest in our lives too.
More Hebrew letters around the room...the Grandpa in the lower left of this picture was my first husband.
My grandsonis quite the drummer too. He participates in a drumming class and he and his classmates put on a wonderful performance for us all on stage at lunch time.
They kept the beat and it was so much fun to see and hear.
Later we played at the park across the street from the school. Then went to their home and had a lovely Shabbat dinner. We had time to play. The kids always ask me if I brought toys...of course I had my "Grandma's Bag" and they dug in and found new books and beads and we all sat on the floor of their room and made bracelets for each other. It was a very full and wonderful day. I am filled to the brim with joy!


  1. OMGosh. This is turning into the BEST visit! What a wonderful and joyous time for you. The timing could not have been more perfect and each day I think "how can it get better," but it does. Lucky you!

  2. such a beautiful post. a wonderful day for the school to have. your grandkids are sweeties and sounds like they do some really fun things at school. A wonderful day!

  3. Well I am starting over with my comment as I bothched the first one... Those Grandkids are so precious and getting to look more and more like their parents. GD looks like her Mom and GS looks like his Dad. I love the Art work on the wall too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful day! so glad you are all there for the kids, able to be a loving family for them - how delightful.
    and to boot - they are both way cute!!

  5. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  6. What a gloriously happy learning environment your grands have...Such joy! :)

  7. What a celebration. I loved all the pictures of the school...made me want to go to least for a week or two.
    Your grandson is cute.

  8. Wow what a wonderful idea this is a grandparents day! Hope by the time I am one they have this here in the schools ;)
    The school looks so nice Lynn .
    And of course I recognize all the Jewish letters you taught us! :)

  9. What a wonderful Jewish school they attend. Many activities for them too!!! Your time was well spent there and at their house playing together! The grands are the best, for sure!!!

  10. Your little grands are so cute. They really have some fabulous art at that school. What a great environment for learning!


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