Sunday, May 16, 2010

We Met On Line...Ten Years Ago

My friend, Lisa, came to visit me today. I met Lisa on line on a Jewish website and a small group of four of us still meet there regularly on our own small exclusive Mishpacha/family place. This many many years before I knew what a blog was! Were there even blogs back then I have no idea? I met Lisa in person where she lives in the bay area by chance ten years ago when I went to meet another member of our group then (he's no longer in it) and she chanced to be at the same synagogue we went to that day. It's taken us this long for our paths to actually cross again outside the virtual world. I took Lisa to the art gallery to see my art in the juried art show... We both really liked this pastel of a sewing machine!
and the watercolor with the shelves of glassware below the swimming baby...
She was very kind in her effusiveness over my Mono Madness mono print creation.
And she had a lot of nice things to say about Seeds of Hope II
We both found other pieces we liked as well.
After a nice lunch out we came back to my house and DH took this cute photo of us in front of MY HOME ART SHOW!
Thanks Lisa, for stopping by and I sure do hope we get together again before ten more years go by!!! ;-) It's been a very busy weekend creatively too. I cut two inches off that jean skirt I made my little grand daughter a while back and decorated the new hem. So now she can wear it without tripping over herself.
I finished the art journal for oldest grandson's 20th birthday.
I made a card of thanks to the two little grand kids for inviting me to Grandparents Day at their school.
And today? What will I do today? I'll let you know when it happens.
Anyone besides me care about the voting for my art quilt?
I'm still in 4th place but am now 25 votes behind #1. My 61 votes behind the one in first place with 86 votes!
The two who are in 1st and 2nd place keep one upping each other! It's kind of fun to watch.
Am I having fun yet? LOL
Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I love keeping up with good friends who, no matter how long it is between get togethers, we stll have a good laugh and enjoy the moment!!
    Take care

  2. so nice you were able to have a fun day with your friend and interesting how you met. Good luck in the quilt race. hope you are having fun today.

  3. How fun to get together like that. I loved seeing where your art was placed and all the other Art. I feel like I was there too.

  4. It's always fun when online friends get to meet in person. And no, there was no blog 10 years ago. In fact, the word wasn't even a word back then.

    You have been really busy. Hope you get more votes. I will do all I can for you.

  5. Lucky you getting to meet one of your friends after so long. I hope you are having a great day no matter what you are doing.

  6. what a lovely day Lynn looks like some great art works in the exhibition....I voted for your quilt...good luck with that ...Lorna

  7. Oh Lynn how special this is!
    Before blogging I joined a mandala group we are with 5 left a small group but we keep in touch and sometimes we meet.
    Miriam has even house sit twice here also last week when we were in Egypt.
    Sometimes the cyber world can create real friendships!

    Have a wonderful Sunday Lynn!
    I am catching up but I can't do all blogs in one day.
    I will now have a look at all you have been creating and posting!


  8. How great the two of you found each other again!!! Your peices in the art gallery look wonderful.
    Good luck, still, in your quilt contest!!!

  9. Jude, I so much agree with you.
    Suki, was an okay, good enough day! ;-)
    Cris, glad you enjoyed the show.
    Blue, hasn't life changed so with blogging? And hey, thanks again for all your support with the quilt challenge/contest. So much apprecaited.
    Lisa, thanks. It was a lazy day and maybe just what I needed after two otherwise very big emotional weekends!
    Lorna, thanks again for all your support too.
    Marianne, nice to hear about your online friends/group too. Terrific isn't it? Seems to me according to my email today you did a ton of catching up. Hope you enjoyed it all.
    Julie, yes, meeting with Lisa was very special. And thanks to you too for your continued support!!!!


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