Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthday Art Journal Done

Journal cover First pages...
The photos are mostly all on cloth glued to more cloth on the hard board pages of a kids book.
Grand kids with their mom on top and visiting us when they were little down below... Kids with their mom...
Grandson and his grand father (p) and his step mom
My son and his two kids... Grand son and his girlfriend with new silverware they need in their new home. Pages colored with Sharpie marking pens. Inside the house...
My son playing the shovel... DIL and me... Me and my grown grand kids below...Back cover of the I used to model the art quilt I made him...I love seeing the photo and the quilt face next to each other this way. The End I spent way too much time today on the computer with tech help trying to get Cable TV in my exercise room. I am chagrin to admit that I have been without TV there since they made the switch to whatever they did that made my old TV connection obsolete. As a result I stopped using my treadmill. The result is about ten pounds around my middle. I NEED to get back to it. The cable guy is coming AGAIN tomorrow morning to see why it did not work the first time they hooked it up on Saturday morning.
Cable guy came today! WE HAVE POWER!!!! I WILL TREAD!!!!


  1. I love it. I am always a bit envious (in a good way) of people who can make things like this.

  2. what an absolutely amazingly wonderful thing to give to him and to leave behind. he will always have this reminder of you. i LOVE every single bit of this. old sentimental me.

  3. just a wonderful birthday gift. lucky grandson. Nice that the treadmill idea works for you. If you have entertainment. have fun.

  4. I am sure your grandson will love his book. It will remind him of the move and his family. Maybe a treadmill is what I need. Ha..

  5. I'm so happy to have found your blog through Elizabeth's (altered book lover) Wonderful art and blog--I'll be following--I love it, and thank you for sharing!

  6. Love the book. How fun to document the move and it sure is an amazing place for someone so young to be moving into for his first place. So its a good memory book. Hope you get that TV going. Amazing how hard it is to get off the weight and how easy to put it back on.. Grrr. lol

  7. Margeeth, you whose art work is so awesome...thank you!

    Soul, Love your sentimental soul, it matches mine so well.

    Suki, it works when I use it!!!!

    Lisa, I am sure he'll like it too..

    Diane, welcome aboard! Glad you like what you see here. Glad you'll be back.

    Cris, yes, they did well in thier house search...and the weight...well one must keep moving!

  8. YEAH for you. Know he will love it. What a special gift. Great art.

  9. It's a great thing to do for him Lynn. You felt that you found his true essence - I love that page!

  10. What a creative and imaginative gift! He will always be able to look through it and relive the memories.

  11. Marthann, thanks. Glad you like it.

    Seth,yes, that is my hope! Thanks for coming and taking a look!

  12. I love this book! It makes me want to create something for both of my kids! I made them each a homemade cookbook when they left home, it seems so lame in comparison to what you did!!! That last page you posted is great - I love the half photo/half art picture.

  13. Pak, I am sure your kids appreciated the cook books and that is something to remember mom by for years to come. Nothing lame about that at all.
    Thanks for your compliments on my journal for Mikiah. It's not great art, but fun memories for sure. ;-)


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