Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bloomin' Tuesday and The Race!

Isn't this pretty? It's one of those purple weed flowers gone to seed. Looks like a huge dandelion.
This sprout is a Sunflower seedling. I have planted MANY of them around my house front and back and even in pots. I have no idea if there is enough root room for a sunflower to grow in a pot. We shall see!
I like this shadow on the Mexican Primrose of it's own pistil.
This is how it is going:
36...38...48...50...55...56...64 (ME)...69...86...89 votes
This is the order for the top ten Swan Quilts in the Bernina Challenge from 10th to first place.
I have been holding my own
4th from the top!
I've no idea if I can get enough MORE votes to get to the top.
My x-DIL and my daughter both voted today. Thanks A. and B.!!!
And thanks to all of you who have voted as well!!!!
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday If you know anyone who still wants to vote
have them email me for directions.
or leave a note here in comments.
Wishing Sukipoet well, as she had dental surgery today!
Heal quickly Suki.


  1. I've voted with all my email addresses!!! Hope you get there

  2. Best of luck Lynn. Love all your blooms. The photo with the shadow is really neat.

  3. Oh...I have a second e-mail address as well. I will go back and vote with it too!!!

  4. Such pretty photos!

    I hope you catch up in the race. I did my best!

    Good luck!

  5. Love the flowers.. great idea on other email addresses.

  6. Mim, ;-)
    Lisa, thanks...I like that shadow too.
    Julie, thanks...
    Lolo, I appreciate that!!!!
    Cris, your garden has more...glad you liked mine.

  7. I have a second e-mail address. I'll go and vote now.

  8. I tried to vote again. I even signed up. It took me to a page where I had to buy something. I tried to go back and there was NO PLACE for me to vote. Help!

  9. Thanks so much for attempting to vote again.

    Did you start at their home page?

    Did it give you the option to JOIN? (IN RED) (don't sign in again with old email address)

    That should generate an email from them to you at your new email address.

    Click on that and it should take you to the site with all the quilts on it.

    I suggest (if it did not) going to HOME to PHOTO GALLERIES...
    to Sort By Most Popular
    clicking on it...
    Then seeing VOTE FOR THIS next to the enlarged photo of NEST BUILDING.
    Click on that to vote.

    Hope this helps, and thanks...feel free to add a comment at the botton of the photos too.


  10. lynn ive just looked at your art journal post and I love it I specially love the pic of your grandson with dreads next to the quilt of him ...brilliant ...i love big fluffy seed heads ...

  11. You're so close! Good luck to you!


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