Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Animal Wednesday Greetings from Henry, More Blooms and Published!

Henry says Hi on animal Wednesday. He's been maintaining a relatively low profile lately. Besides losing two cat collars literally two days in a row, he has pretty much stayed out of trouble. Here he is basking in sun coming into the living room.
As of 11:12 PM 5/18/10 my quilt has dropped from 4th to 5th place with 64 votes.
A quilt that was entered 9 days after mine, and 13 days after those in 1st and 2nd
place has swiftly moved up to 4th place with 68 votes.
This new quilt is quite striking, a red, white and black abstract, well executed.
It may very well sweep this contest.
1st and 2nd places have 88 and 89 votes respectfully.
These are some plants my cousin Judy gave me last year and they are doing well. This is the "weed" I refer to and showed it gone to seed in yesterdays blog post. And this you recognize I think, most of you anyway, as my GRANDMA'S BAG! I wrote a story and it has been published on another's blog.
I've been posted about on Susan Adcox's blog here. Check out her blog about Grand parenting! Lots of goodies there. Susan found me through my blog when I posted about the kids Grandparents Day at their school. She wanted to use the kids photo, but we decided against that, and instead I wrote a little piece for her about my 'Grandma's Bag'. See it at the link above! She edited what I wrote and posted it. Go see!
I think what impressed me the most was discovering that she had just posted a piece
about Michelle Obama's mother, grandmother to her two little girls in the
White House.
Not a bad act to follow!


  1. Ahh lovely Henry.....loving the Grandma's bag too.....great that it was published on another blog.

  2. Henry looks so cozy - nothing like a cat in the sun.

    I'm off to read your other post...

  3. well done!!!!!!!
    shame about the quilt.
    Must go and see the other blog..You always have so much interesting stuff to share.
    Take care

  4. Henry is such a handsome dude sitting there in the sun. He looks like he doesn't want to be bothered. HAW. You are the Grandma extrodinaire with that happy bag.

  5. See Henry is doing what he does best. Soaking up the sun. Going to see about this Grandma's bag on the other blog.

  6. Congrats on being featured on another blog. That is some cool article too. I checked it out. :)
    Bummer about the drop in place for your quilt. but as they ain't over till the fat lady sings. lol

  7. Lynn, it's Robin from the Violet Hour, I have seen your comments on KJ, Mim and Suki's blogs....but have never visited before....

    I ADORE Henry...his name, his stripes, HIM! He is a perfect sunloving, collar-losing cat! I can tell he has a great personality.
    You are so lucky to be his Mom....and he is lucky to have you as his Mom.

    Best of luck with your quilt -
    I will go and see if I can still vote for you!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. I love cats enjoying the sun. henry is the best.
    I have already voted so I hope all the others do!!!!
    The bag is cute.


  9. I think Henry must be my cat, Baby's long lost brother! They look so similar!

    I like the Grandmas bag idea!!!

    There is nothing like being a Grandma!!!

  10. What a great idea. I've been stuffing little things into my purse but I love this idea. I'm going to start a grandma bag very soon!


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