Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cloth photo album; "R" ATC on Grateful Thursday

I have started a new project. These photos and words are ironed onto muslin dyed in coffee using TAP Transfer Artist Paper ( Lesley Riley fabric.ologie). The album is for my 16 yr old grand daughter who is graduating from high school and leaving for college in August! Lots more pages to go...
Gina, in Ireland, sent me this "R" for Ribbons ATC from our ABC ATC Challenge! Now that is a mouthful. I love how personal this group gifts us with the artist trading cards made especially with our interests in mind. Of course I love the ribbons, and to respond to one members query, yes, I will leave the ribbons ON this card! ;-)
Thank you Gina, I love your card and notes and all the little extras!
I think it's time to toss my hat in the ring and thank you all once again
for voting for my Nest Building swan quilt.
The beautiful red and white quilt I mentioned yesterday has surpassed
everyone to top of the list currently in 1st place with 111 votes!
(I still have 64 votes and doubt I know 47 ++ more people to ask to vote for mine)
She apparently is a teacher as I read in her comments from people asking if they were now
going to get an A for voting for her! Who said: "It's all in who you know!!!"
That said, let me again say thank you and tell you how very grateful I am for your
support and votes. I appreciate you and them so very much.
Hugs to you all. _______________________


  1. Oh darn. Wish you could have won. I love you anyway. You have much to be thankful for too.

  2. I thought I commented on here but guess I didnt. Bummer about being topped by that other quilt. Hoe dare they...I guess its all who you know. :))But it still isnt over yet. Love the start of your Granddaughters gift. It will be wonderful. The ATC is cool with the ribbons.

  3. Lisa and Cris, yes, I guess it is not over till the fat lady sings.
    This contest runs through June 28th I who knows magic happens. But I need a lot of MAGIC!!! LOL The race is still on.
    Thanks for you support and encouragement.

  4. Love the book for you granddaughter....great idea....loving the Ribbon atc too.

  5. You know for us you are the winner!!!!
    Lovely gifts you got there Lynn.

  6. You have such an inspiring family. I love how you celebrate each one.
    I am sorry you didn't win either.

  7. I wish you could have won too!!! It is a wonderful thing though and glad you did so darn well, girl!!! Awesome! Yours was extra special. Lots of love went into all these quilts, eh??? Great job to all of the artists!

    Your granddaughters quilt looks so amazing! She will really love it so much being away from home! She can feel the love of all her family wrapped around her!!!

  8. Jensters, thanks, glad you like it.

    Marianne, sweet! The voting continues. I suppose it could still move up who knows? Time will tell. But it has been fun no matter what.

    QuiltA., thanks about family. Yours is super too.

    Julie, the think I am making my grand daugher isn't a wrap around quilt, it's a quilted photo journal/album. but I agree she will love taking her family with her to school this way.

  9. that will be amazing for your g daughter. oh well someone has to win, so congrats to her.

  10. oooh, I love the transfers! You always do such nice things for your family and friends. So much love goes into all that you do :)

    Bummer about the votes. Contests are so fickle! At the very least you should be content that you were inspired to make another lovely piece!


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