Friday, May 21, 2010

More Cloth Pages of Kaeli's Album

This cloth photo album now has 7 "pages" of photos & words transferred to muslin, now sandwiched with batting and muslin backs ready to quilt. I want to add pockets to the backs of some for more photos and for her to put her own memorabilia in. I do like the idea of her taking "her family and friends and memories" off to college with her.
Do you remember what you did at 16, 18? Did you go off to school, start a job, get married young?
I did go away to college at 18. It was my mother's dream more than my own. One I failed miserably at, as I was not ready yet to absorb 'higher learning'...So I blew off the first semester, hanging out at a coffee shop at night with an early espresso machine, a beat poet, another guy studying Russian, a couple of drug addicts for friends. It all seemed so exciting to me at the time, and amazingly I came away from it totally unscathed. I drank a lot of espresso but that was my only "drug". I dropped out at the end of the semester, sold my rarely opened books back to the bookstore and went to Berkeley to share an apartment with my older brother who was studying there. I went to work for State Farm Insurance Company as a file clerk. In a year and a half I had saved $1600. I took off on world travels: 3 months in Mexico, then off to Europe and Israel.
Stayed in Israel for five years (meant to be there 5 months)...and the rest, as they say is history.


  1. She will love this. What a log of work. Hope you show it all put together. Interesting how you needed to sow a little seed before settling down to go back to College. Did your Mom know you finally did? She'd be proud now.

  2. a wonderful, loving gift to take to college. Well, I went to college as planned and gifted to me by my parents but found it pretty boring so went to summer school too and finished the 4 years in 3 getting a BA in English. then went to Cleveland to work at the Cleveland Public Library. Then said, forget this stuff. And went to San Francisco for the summer of love where i eventually met the man I married and my son's dad.

  3. Wow i would like to do something like this as my DD is 30 in did you print on muslin? Thanks Jennie

  4. Jennie, I used TAP Transfer Artist Paper I got on line f rom Lesley Riley fabric.ologie. It transfers on to almost any surface (fabric, wood, polymer, canvas, glass and more the ad says). go to

    Cris, yes my mom was still alive when I went back to college. She was at my graduation when I got my Masters Degree in psychology. ;-)

    Suki, I am sure we must have been in SF around the same time.

  5. Lovely Lynn she'll love it ....I got my degree late in life too I was 52.....x

  6. I think your project is wonderful. Thinking about my younger years. How did I do it?? I didn't go to college much to my Mother's chagrin. Very disappointing to her. I have had an interesting life to me. I married young. Had children young. Have been an auctioneer, worked as a carpenter for 20 years. Life has been good to me.

  7. This is just so awesome!!! WOW!!!!

  8. Your projet is so amazing Lynn! Loved hearing about your college days. I married at 19 instead of furthering my education - I regret that now. Not too late now though!!


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