Saturday, May 22, 2010

More of Kaeli's Photo Journal for Graduation! Pockets added and Quilting!

Today I had fun adding backs with pockets to each of seven cloth pages...and then did some free motion quilting on the fronts of each page.This is the back of the first page with a birthday photo of Kaeli (probably her 15th BD last year!)
Each back has a pocket for adding more photos and/or other memorabilia. Gold metallic thread dressed up this page of cousins and friends made for
a puffy quilted page.
More gold metallic...
A bit of teenage denim on the back...
Prom page got pink tulle. I like the clip art prom dress in the center that isn't
too far off from the wispy pink dress she actually wore last week to her prom.
Those pink high heels were wicked. I saw them when I was in Oregon.
You do NOT want to know how much of her own hard earned money
she spent to buy them!
~back of prom page~
The words here really popped off the page with some quilting.
I like that the questions make her think!
And on the last page I used the TAP (transfer artist paper) to print directly to the cloth
a message from me to her.
Fun swirls and hearts quilted on free motion style using variegated thread.
Now to figure out how to fasten the pages together like a book.
I am also working on a cover which will need a matching back cover both
done in quilted cloth pages.
I have a special box for the whole thing too.
Stay tuned.
And enjoy your weekend!


  1. She is just gonna freak out when she recieves this journal!!! One of a kind special and perfect...a real keeper...forever!!!

  2. How could you not love this?!-amazing!!

  3. This is so special she won't want to take it to school. Someone might steal it.

  4. This is awesome Lynn. She will treasure this forever. Great job!!

  5. amazing gift and acknowledgement of who she is and who she will grow to be. love the pockets and fancy stitching and never hear of TAP transfer paper. where'd you get it?

  6. This is such a beautiful gift for your granddaughter. She's going to love it! It's hard leaving home for the first time, I'm sure these pics and special writings will help her when she feels homesick. You are a wonderful grandma!

  7. This is perfect for a teen. She'll brag on it and cherish it forever. And I wouldn't call those heels "wicked." I'd call them KILLER. And I bet they could, too (grin).

    BTW, I'm going to put out a plea to my followers/readers to vote for you.

  8. When she gets this wonderful gift of love, she will be in aw of what you have are blessed to be a blessing, Hugs, mary


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