Sunday, May 23, 2010

OverWhelmed With Goodies!!!!!

On Saturday morning DH said to get up early as there were some garage sales he wanted to go to. So up I got and out we went. We went to many, but it was at two that I scored oh so well. This parcel was more than I usually pay out at one time: These two bags and this plastic box that Henry V is helping me open was $10. Why did I put out so much for it? I saw embroidery thread. And if each skein is about $1 [maybe a little less] I was sure I saw more than $10 worth of it. Just by looking briefly inside the plastic box. I had no idea what was in the other two bags that were tied with a pink ribbon together and in which the plastic box had been. So I took a chance and gave the nice lady my $10. This license plate we saw outside one sale is how I feel after opening the bags!!!!
but in truth I have enough to share! I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to find these two sets of scissors, great sizes for embroidery work and great for taking on airplanes too.
And then digging deeper into a bag I found these beautiful lace Parisian monograms
and they are all "L"s for Lynn! LOL Really!
Please don't anyone tell me this is a "Z"!
And then I dug a little deeper and pulled out this bunch of embroidery thread!
This is the same lower bag on the flip side with more colors, bag never opened!
And then I found these adorable iron on transfers. I am sure there is someway
to incorporate them into my art making!
Kept digging and brought up this oval hoop and a whole set of craft needles!!!!
And this nest of thread is in the plastic box...
but so were all these skeins of never used embroidery threads...and what you see here are piles
of same colors on top of each other so the count is much higher than you can see in the picture!!!!
And digging even deeper I brought up another brown bag and dumped this load of unused
embroidery threads.............MORE!!!!
and then these purchased it shows in Wisconsin!
Also in the two bags were this huge array of "pillow tubes", and table runners to be embroidered, and more embroidery hoops.
I did love this one and might actually embroider these pillow cases, maybe for my's a hoot!!!
It says: "Men like the important things in life...women!"
A handful of blue thread fell out of this pillow slip!
I had to scoot Henry V outside, as he could not help feel my excitement
and kept diving into the threads as I tried to photograph it all.
And then, no we were not done yet, at a consignment store I found this lovely
bracelet that I bought myself for $3. It's bright orange beads happened to match the color
of the Henley shirt I was wearing and I liked the ceramic flowers...
and silver flower and leaf clasp! More embellishments were found at yet another garage sale!
as were these huge bundles of felt that will make wonderful backings for art quilts...
I found these little nesting houses (from Mrs Fields Cookies) in a free box
and thought the grand kids would have fun with them...
and last but not least, the houses are on top of three magazines I bought myself
and a book for the kids that says "I can Read" as they are learning to read now;
and these earrings as they were full of bangles that I was sure would look good on art work.
Whew, I am pooped.
I think I will have to have another give away soon.
If anyone likes to embroider and would like any of the pillow tubes or table runners please just give me a shout in the comments!!!! Hey I might even throw in some embroidery floss!
I am sure I have more now than I can ever use in my life time. What a fun day!
Lunch out was Salmon BLT sandwiches on the best sourdough bread.
I like it so much I bought a loaf of their Rosemary sourdough
to bring home.
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. How fun! I love getting grab bags like that one...though I haven't had as much success as you had. I remember finding loads of old buttons on cards for a nickle and feeling rich. Have fun!

  2. Oh My GOODNESS!!!! What a TREASURE TROVE of Goodies. I really enjoyed seeing your photos. It's good that the gear has gone to someone who will value it!!Have Fun!!

  3. Lynn, I could feel your excitement as you found all this lovely stuff in your bags. What a lucky find. Well worth the $10,

  4. Good grief...what alot of wonderful craft so lucky..enjoy!!!

  5. Wow, it looks like you hit the jackpot!!--don't you love the things you find at garage sales?!

  6. unbelievable! you are the queen of finding good stuff at yard sales. I thought of you yesterday as it was "town wide yard sale day" around here. I didn't go...too busy but I can imagine what you would have found!!

  7. You hit the jackpot Lynn. I can't wait to see what you come up with using all these treasures.

  8. wonderful finds, as Henry will attest. I don't embroider, however I use threads like that in bookbinding. I wax the thread so the strands stick together, then use it to sew the binding. However, I am not saying this bec. I want some, I actually want nothing. Have tons. But just as another use for the threads. have fun.

  9. Amazing find for the price. You will go crazy creating now. Wonder why she gave it up as it looked like she was so into creating. But nice she let someone put it all to use. Sounds like a wonderful day for sure.

  10. Yes to all it is a treasure trove. Those little tortoise shell shears are a deliglht to use for snipping threads!
    And Cris, I think the woman died and this was part of her estate. There were three chest of drawers loaded with fabrics too, but I restrained myself.

  11. Incredible!!!!!
    Lucky you!
    I think you have to trade quilt making for embroidering ;)
    No but really what fun this must have been!
    My friend had a garage sale and invited me , but I have enough as it is and not enough space for more.....

    Have a nice weekend!

  12. oh my goodness we have nothing like this side of the pond, what a find, what a grab, no sleeping for you this coming week.

  13. Well Lynn you sure do find the good stuff. Sounds you have a blast doing it too. Do you ever wonder about the person who owned all that and never had the time to use it?

  14. Kate, yes I do think of the person who owned these things before me. I wonder if she enjoyed the little clippers as much as I do. I wonder why she bought so much, so many things to embroider, but then thought perhaps she was a lot like me and couldn't resist and felt she'd be able to finish them sometime. And like me she saved everything. I hope someone gets my stash after I leave this planet and enjoys it as much as I do now.

    Marianne, I have no room for more either, but somehow the addiction, the thrill of the hunt is greater than my sanity!

    Soul, see anything you like? I'll send it to you!

  15. Lynn I can't believe it! How great to find all these goodies. And in such hugh amounts. To find something like that here, is like winning the lottery. It is rare. I am sure you will enjoy it and make the most wonderful art out of it.

  16. What a cool haul, wowii, you are one lucky girl!

  17. Wow, you won the lottery :-).

  18. I can't believe how many of you have come out on this Sunny (in California) day to expound upon my winfall. Love it!!!! Hope you are all being equally creative in mind if not in action today!

  19. Shazam! That is phenomenal!! What a haul of treasure!!


  20. Ooh, I have floss envy. Yummy colors! BTW..Herschners is still selling lots of lovely things in Wisconsin.


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