Monday, May 24, 2010

Cloth Book Finished...Bound and Beaded!

I chose gold thin jewelry wire to bind the pages together using three gold grommets on each page lined up and I ran the wire up from the back in the top hole, down to the back in the middle hole; up from the back (other end of wire) to the top middle down to the bottom hole through all pages to the back and then left wire hanging from both which I added beads and wrapped the wire around a tiny last bead on each wire end.
Details added to this front cover are three sparkly blue diamonds and running stitches with dark green embroidery floss.
"graduation...Life's New Journey Begin's"
Close up of beads and spangles hanging down from Prom page! I chose to leave my front cover back raw to show my work. It opens nicely for each page to fold back onto the top cover.
I added silver hearts around the pocket photo on left.
I added a gold star to my son, her father, playing the shovel "instrument". ;-) on left pocket.
The back of the Country Faire page is denim and western earrings which she can
leave as embellishments or take off and wear!
[I just realized they can be my cacti for cactus Monday too!!!] I added pink tulle and pink and black bangles to her Prom page.
More pink tulle and another row of pink and black polka dotted bangle to
the back pocket page.
Here you can see the layers of pages with beads and bangles showing.
More silver hearts added as embellishments on the Who AM I? and Where am I going? page.
More top sewing quilting to the message page...
The last page instead of saying "The End"
"The Beginning"
as it is the beginning of her life after graduation.
A small photo of a map of her college is ironed on.
Theater curtains are heavily embroidered and then the page is heavily
beaded as she enters the next STAGE of her young life!
Click on this page to see details UP CLOSE (and any of the others if you so desire). I worked on this one page most of Sunday, and then bound it up
after I finished that fun work. And on the very back
my signature
Next I will add some photos to the various pockets,
leaving plenty of room for her to add her own.
I will later show you the special box I found for it
and that will be that.
Thank you to the person who added one more vote to my Nest Building Quilt this weekend.
And to Elizabeth and Bluebeard at Altered Book, who blogged about the contest asking her followers
to vote too, many thanks! So sweet of you!!!
;-) ********
And I actually took photos of cacti this weekend, but will blog them later in the week,
as this is much too long already!


    She will LOVE this book. Lots of lovely work went into this. I will need to go back and enlarge each picture over and over to get the whole affect. It wont be like seeing it in person but the next best thing.

  2. I really love the embellishments you have added to the book. Those little pink circles (trim) are PERFECT for the pink prom page. And thank you for mentioning my blog. I hope you get several more votes, too. Just think, if all your friends in blogland put the word out, . . . .

  3. the top stitching adds so much pattern and texture. love the cover and the end/beginning page. all the embellishments are wonderful too. You are amazing. the book is amazing; and best of luck to your neice as she goes forth into the larger world.

  4. so great Lynn - she's going to love and cherish this her whole life.

  5. What an amazing keepsake ! It will be adored for many, many years to come, I am sure. So filled with love and care and talent !!!
    Wonderful job.

  6. This is just marvelous Lynn. She will want to keep it forever.

  7. Lynn this is such a special present she will treasure it for ever .........brilliant job ....xx

  8. Very special treasures,,,,this book & it's recipient.

  9. The book turned out beautifully!! Super special for the recipient.

    Sneaky way to get CM in too.

  10. Such a unique idea! This is really beautiful. HCM!

  11. Thanks all for your total approval and praise for Kaeli's book. I hope she likes it half as much as all of you, then I'll know it was a complete success!!!

    One more blog post of the box I readied for it tomorrow and that is that and on to other things...but the box is worth seeing, believe me!!! ;-)

  12. Lynn,
    I like very much the fact that in your book, the end of one stage, the graduation, marks the beginning of the next and you acknowledged that so beautifully with your page in which the curtain is rising on "the beginning"...

  13. An amazing, incredible book. I can tell that a lot of love and care went into its creation!!

  14. What a perfect and absolutely gorgeous book!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lynn what a great gift. Every page is a surprise. I especially like what you have done with the cover page.


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