Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Box and My Day!

I found this box a while ago at the thrift store. It must have held stationary. I thought it perfect for Kaeli's book. I liked that it had a place for her photo on top of the closed cover of the box...and I added a metal "K" in one corner... and then I printed out more photos of her and her family to put into the cloth pockets inside the books pages...
The ribbon is also a part of the box and I used it to tie the book in snugly. I wish you could feel how soft the pages are.
Before putting the book in the box I glued down more photos
making a collage at the bottom of the box.
It shows Kaeli's life from birth to now.
Hard to see but in the upper left corner second photo over
Kaeli is listening to President Barrack Obama speak in Oregon! Second row on the right is my mother, me holding baby Kaeli and my daughter!
bottom row far right is DH and sweet.
bottom row far left is K. and her bro and mom.
One photo above it K. is hugging her step mom, J.
beads tucked into the box And now to get myself ready to mail it off.
I had a wonderful Monday OFF from my day job.
Paid a bill; watched a CD of Art Quilting on my computer;
Cleaned my "art studio/family room" something I do when I finish a project
getting it ready for whatever the next project might be.
Cleaned up living room, kitchen too. Nice and neat now.
Went outside in the sun to read and finish a book. See it on my side bar .
Art droppings under the patio table below.
And an arty shot of a plant for...
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!
What did you do yesterday that made you happy, content, comfortable?
Or what will you do today to reach some goal?


  1. Goal today - make it thru a crazy work day to my comic class tonight. I think it'll all work out well. Have a good day lynn

  2. You had a great day--hope your Tuesday is as good--what a wonderful gift also! I'm planning on having a wonderful Tuesday--whatever I'm doing.

  3. The fabric book is amazing ! What a keepsake it will be, with all that love, creativity and care in it. Very cool !

  4. You must feel satisfied with your Granddaughters project finished and all cleaned up. It turned out just marvelously.

    I worked on the Breeding Bird Atlas project in the morning. Rested awhile while it was so hot. Watered pots in the garden. Then my DB and I did some night birding. It was a very satisfying day for me. I slept like a log.

    Can't wait to see your next project. You are an inspiration.

  5. Wow.. what a treasure! I think this has to be the most spectacular personalized gift I've ever seen! ♥

    Today.. hmmm.. bit of a struggle.. my energy has been down for days and I really wasn't productive yesterday. I have several shows coming up that I need a large inventory for so I think I'll close my eyes, turn myself around a few times, stick out my finger, and whereever it lands on my art table.. use it to begin some kind of project...

  6. Wow Lynn, what an amazing labor of love! It turned out fantastic!

    You're inspiring me to clean my house...sort of ;P

    Today (in a few minutes) I hope to finish a surprise mural I'm painting for a friend while she's away. Then tonight I'm going to watch the finale of American Idol. yay!


  7. beautiful, as always Lynn.


  8. Mim, enjoy the class tonight.I love what you are doing with the comic Ms Em!

    Diane,I love your postive attitude!

    Kim, thanks, it was great fun to make. Wish I could be with her when she opens it.

    Lisa, night birding sounds interesting. Are there many birds that show themselves in the dark?
    Owls maybe? Bats? LOL I have no idea. White birds?

    Cori, thanks, and I love your spinning and pointing technique.What a cool idea, I MUST try it sometime!

    Lolo, I'd love to see that mural, and I will be rooting along with you tonight on AM. Idol. Who do you want to win? I have been a supporter of Crystal Bowersox, but I really love Lee as well! Wish they could both win!!!

  9. Lynn this is such a special gift....Yesterday we walked in the woods and watered our beans and peas and the world felt good....x

  10. Arty, loved hearing about your day!

  11. This is such a special work of Art. Your GD will love it. What a lovely family heirloom. Something to treasure for ever.
    I can not believe the things you find at the thrift store or Garage sales that work for your projects every time. How could you create with out these gems you find with such regularity. You should write a book on repurposing used items. If anyone can.. You sure can and do. Very Green of you. :))

  12. Lovely soft pages - I can almost feel them! Loved the art droppings - never thought of my spills in that way before!!

  13. a work of art for sure. would love to see her face as she opens this.

  14. Suki, so would I love to see her open it. At Chanuakah my son took a video of the kids opening my arty gifts. Perhaps I can ask for that to happen again. It was really delightful to see.

    Cris, a book! What an idea!!! Maybe...and you are right I really am lucky to find things that are just right. I knew when I found this box I would use it for something special, but it was way before the idea of her book had entered my mind. Glad I got it when I did and saved it. Ya just never know...

    Patti, yes the paint on the patio floor looked so good in mix of sun and shadow to me yesterday!
    And yes, the pages are oh so soft.

  15. Perfect!!!! I wish I could be there for the magic moment!!! Love, Mary

  16. It's the last day with some old friends who've been visiting us for a week..
    I'll miss them..but tomorrow as they fly out an aunt of mine and her family fly in...then I'm off to the UK...for the arrival of ???? so excited!!
    Take care


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