Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Facinated With Snails on Animal Wednesday

Flowers for a loved one..mourners at a snail funeral aging snail climbing the walls
practicing gymnast for Snail Circus O LAY
Dad headed to work, child headed to school...
The grass is always greener...
Twins waiting for parents to come home from work!
Happy Animal Wednesday!
We are having an unprecedented rainy spell and the snails have come out in droves.
I had to pick them off our front door to get into my house tonight.
Do you like them as I do? I find them to be arty.
Do they disgust you?
Have you ever eaten them?
Tell me about your life in relationship to snails!


  1. Hi Lynn,

    To a gardener they are a pain. Poeple go out at night with torches and pick them off their veg plants. Here in Crete they love them. They eat them by the bucketful. I have to admit we eat them too. Not a lot just one or two.

  2. I;ve never eaten snails, and am proud to admit it. yuck yuck and more yuck.

    when I was a kid we used to have snail races behind my grandma's house at the beach, and the losers got squished. we were rather mean children.

    I don't like snails. or slugs.

    but HAW anyway!!

  3. no desire to eat snails. and also, i dont have any relationship to them. havent seen a live one in many a year.

  4. Wow, you have a lot of snails, and really BIG ones! We don't have snails of that size here. I do find them cute and interesting, but I agree with Judith; they are not good in the garden. No, I have never eaten them. They seem so harmless to me to eat. Neat photos.

  5. Hi Lynn, Love your snail post :) Thanks for the laugh this morning. And yes, I am facinated by snails, most likely because they don't dwell in my garden. We have slugs at our farm and they feed the skunks and racoons. So we don't just have a slug problem....

  6. I have eaten them in garlic butter, a la Francaise, but much prefer their fresh water cousins, the perwinkle, done in black bean sauce, Chinese style.

    But after watching the adventures of your Snail Family Robinson, I am not sure another will grace my lips...

    Now I can say that I have pondered my relationship to the snail. Life is an adventure every day !
    Cheers !

  7. I think they are disgusting! The only thing good about them are their big shells.


  8. This cracks me up. What a cute post. Altho I dont like snails to eat OR in my garden. They can ruin a garden faster then you can blink. My neighbor in CA use to put out snail bait but she called it.. See God and die bait. groan.
    My Mom said when she was a kid she used to take out the salt shaker and salt them to see them foam. Double groan. I just stomp on them & Get it over with. ;O
    PS.. Read an article on how they can hybernate for a looooooooong time & propage like rabbits & come out when you least want them.. like lots of rain. Nasty critters. But a cute post. :))

  9. I like snails! I even did a mandala with them!
    I have eaten them (with garlic they are fine)
    I have a lot of them in my garden but I would never harm them. If they eat my plants so be it.

    Lovely pictures Lynn!

  10. I love snails.... would never eat them...and have, since I was a child, always "rescued them" from harm's way when they were crossing streets, lanes, etc.

    Wonderful photos - and great captions!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. I don't like snails. At least your snails have a pretty shell. I like them emptied though since they are always looking for my best hostas to eat. I have had opportunity to eat escargo but refused. Can't get past that slimey trail they leave. They are interesting creatures to watch. Especially when you know the family. ;)

  12. Snails have always been very interesting to my daughter as she was growing up. I have eaten them...they are delicious in puff pastry with creme/garlic/butter sauce! Oh yeah!!!

    They are very artsy looking...both the animal and the shells!!!

  13. I love to look at snails. The only time I ate one was when I was a kid, visiting a medieval fair with my older brother. We bought some, marinaded, on a whim. They were chewy and tough — obviously not prepared well — and I never tried them again. Now I don't eat any kind of meat, snail or otherwise.

  14. I don't hate snails but they destroyed and eat my I got to throw them into rubbish bin to be taken away!

    I love all your recent works , just so creative. I heart your photo album. It's so unique!

  15. Funny pictures. You know those mourners are actually eating the dead snail?
    I don't like them in my garden, they eat a lot and ruin it. I just pick them up and put them in the bushes on our street, no chemicals in my garden!

  16. okay, this is one ADORABLE post!!!

    I love how you narrated the whole episode. Funny!!

    I've eaten snails in garlic butter too. (a la francais) I don't think I would today.
    I love them in art. I just ordered some snail address labels for my "snail mail!"

    HAW a day late :)!

  17. Margeeth, I had no idea the snails were eating their dead. What an interesting bit of knowledge. Thanks for that.

    And thanks to all the rest of you for showing me your interest (or not) in snail life! It was fun sharing this with you all.

    As many commentors came out as snails on a rainy day!

  18. I love them too. A blogger called joojoo makes them from polymer clay. Very cool. But the French dish of snails... Not for me!

  19. Cute snail pics, but aren't those the African snails that they tell you to get rid of if seen in your garden? Here's an article on it from one of our local newspapers I remember seeing a pic of it and it looked like the snails in your pics. But ... maybe the African one is bigger? I like snails though. When we were small my sisters and I would paint the shells of the large garden snails to keep track of which ones came and went into the garden.

  20. This is what they look like ... not like yours.

  21. The pics of snails are very creative - I loved your little stories about what they might be doing. I don't eat them, never have. But, I have eaten oysters and they can't be that different, so I'd probably give it a try if offered!


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