Thursday, May 27, 2010

My "Art Studio" Between Projects & American Idol

I really did clean off all work surfaces as you can see... Signs of older project on the glass door...and box to be mailed still on sewing table...but pretty much cleaned up otherwise...waiting for the muse to land...
Work table really cleaned should have seen it before. Notice the little green paper cutter I got from Uncle Harry's house. It works great for cutting straight lines.
Some supplies and magazines just get piled up higher and higher, neatly though!
And then there's the living room couch...where I've been sitting in the evenings stitching away at one of those many 1950's pillow tubes, using the huge horde of embroidery floss I got last weekend. It's relaxing and fun. Is it ART? Not yet, but I will figure out how to make it so.
(I hope).
What does your work space look like today?
Dare you show it...?
What are you working on right now?
What's in the planning stages?
Are we having fun yet?
YES! &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& I just watched last of the season 2 hour American Idol show!
I've never been someone into music much at all. Or reality shows for that matter.
But I love this contest, watching these young people vie for a title
that can launch their musical careers.
And this season I liked many of the final 12.
And I love both of the two finalists
Lee and Crystal.
I was an early follower of Crystal, love her style and spunk, her hippie
guitar playing backing her beautiful voice.
And I fell in love with Lee and his more romantic voice.
And they liked & respected each other.
I really really wished they could both share the title
American Idol.
Tonight that prize went to
And it was a joy to see his joy.
But I'll always carry a soft spot in my heart for Crytal as well.
I know they will both go far!


  1. While you were watching Idol I was watching DWTS. Music as well.. I would show my studio as its clean because nothing is going in there. I need to finish a project &/or start a new one. So a messy studio means creating is going on.

  2. I just finished S T U V for the ABC ATC2. My work area looks ok. Not real neat but not horrible either. I have ideas. They just aren't in motion as yet. Your area looks all ready to go on something. I like those pillow tubes. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

  3. I dont watch but in this session there was a Cape Cod girl on for quite a few rounds. Worktable messy with aper scraps for the cards i've been making.

  4. I've watched Am Idol all nine seasons. I was thrilled when Lee won!
    Crystal is as smooth as silk, but the reason I wanted Lee to win is because he went from selling paint to entering this HUGE competition having never performed in front of people before. He took all the constructive criticism in stride and improved week after week. To me, that's what the show is about.
    Crystal has been performing for years. She has stayed true to herself throughout the competition and she is GOOD, beyond good. I'd see her in concert!
    But Lee takes the prize for me :)

    AND I believe they're going to be an item.♥ Especially after he said "I love you Crystal!"

    My work area is a mess right now. I wouldn't waste a post on showing it! LOL!

  5. I did a similar clean up last week when my mom was coming for a visit. This week , I started off with clean surfaces and spaces to play...but then the muses and a few little contracts arrived and now my space is gone again. That is just how this messy artist chick rolls...
    Happy for Lee too and really enjoyed the two of them.
    Now comes "So You Think You Can Dance.", my favorite show of the year !
    I hope your messy muse shows up quick! Enjoy !

  6. My workspace is cluttered right now not downright messy. I may show a pic later. Convalescing in bed right now. which has several books and magazines scattered around to keep me entertained. So maybe the mess goes wherever I go. Ha ha.

  7. I've never watched Idol, but I;ve heard that sometimes the losers go farther than the winners.

    My studio is always neat. I simply can't work in clutter and it's a distraction when I'm trying to create. I'm one of those who puts everything away as soon as I use it, in its place. I realize others don't work as I do, but my main floor studio is so small, I would get lost and overwhelmed in any kind of a mess. I'm working on my June dress for the dress up collaboration. It may or may not be finished. Can't really be sure at the moment.

  8. What a tidy desk that is!
    Have to see the pictures home to enlarge and see what is on that full one...

    I love these music contest programs. So entertaining !

    Have a nice day Lynn!!

  9. Nearly every Thursday I enter the " creative space" forum at kootoyoo. Everyone puts pics up of there space and shows what they are working on. Itx very interesting. I love your spxce. Very busy and creative looking.

  10. I surely DON'T dare to show my art area! It is a disaster pit right now! Good Grief!!!

  11. Thanks for showing shots of your studio. I always find it so interesting to see where artists create.


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