Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lynn Braves a Watercolor Workshop

On Saturday I took the plunge, after pondering for a week about taking a watercolor workshop here in town...I went down to check it out and wound up signing up for it on the spot. The class was held at the Rhythm In Blue Gallery, where I met artist Mary Christian, who owns the gallery. I was assured by Mary that my beginners level would not be a hindrance taking this workshop.
The teacher is a well known painter in this area...David Peterson. He taught us for four hours indoors and out. We painted from our own sketches from Downtown Vacaville after he presented a short lecture and a demo out on the sidewalk in front of the gallery. We then worked outdoors making our design sketches and then went indoors and painted them onto a half sheet of watercolor paper. We were" to practice drawing and painting fast and loose from life!" David is demonstrating painting from his own small sketch. These are my two sketches of near by restaurants.
And here is one of my finished larger pieces...
When David popped my paintings in a mat frame they really popped~
And this was another I did...
I am proud of my self for pushing myself to go to the workshop.
I don't think we know what we have in us unless we push a bit.
I know I need lots more workshops and classes and
lots and lots and lots of
practice to get good at this...
but I had fun on this day!
One of the other beginning students was also
a quilter and textile artist! How fun is that!
Hi Julie!


  1. Lynn these are fantastic! I'm so glad you decided to do the class, clearly a little instruction goes a long way. Well done!

  2. good for you Lynn. Just look at how good Katie Jane has gotten over the past year or so. She has grown tremendously as a watercolor artist. You are right - we all need to push a bit past those boundaries we set for ourselves. Well done!

  3. Wonderful play, Lynn ! I love that you just found the courage to go for it and fear was obviously completely out of the picture. These are great pieces and you are right about how farming them makes them totally pop.
    Brava, Bravo One ! Keep On Playing !

  4. great lynn. you have a wonderful sense of color. he sounds like a great teacher and it sounds like a fun class.

  5. Lynn, you are GOOD girlfriend!

    I have always loved your sense of color and boldness. These are ready to sell ;)

    Yay you!

  6. Wow Lynn, these are fantastic! Wonderful composition and color!

  7. wow, these are brilliant Lynn!!! You are a natural!!! gorgeous work!!


  8. Oh Lynn, this must have been so much fun!
    And the results are stunning!
    Bet you want to try more.....

  9. You did fantastically with those watercolours. I especially like the second one saying "Café".

  10. These are fantastic. I love the colors... you did a great job on the Sketching not to mention the painting and colors used. Do we get to see more?

  11. Good for you. Love all these bright happy colors!

  12. Well, I'm impressed! I love your paintings, especially the first one. I know I try too hard and need to loosen up a lot and just let the art flow. I could learn a lot from this guy!

  13. Wow! Thank you all so much for your support and warm compliments.
    I am bowled over.
    I really am a novice here.
    But glad you liked the colors and how things turned out.
    Tomorrow I show a few more.
    I really did have fun in that four hour workshop!!!

  14. Incredible. You are a natural. These pieces are wonderful and filled with color. I'm totally impressed and surprised that you would need that push. You made it look easy.

    Have an awesome Memorial Day.

  15. what a great class! I'm glad you had the courage to take it. I think you did marvelous! It's fun to just go for it and not worry so much about results. I don't often paint fast and loose but I can see you got great results.

  16. I am glad you are so brave. Your paintings are well done. You have learned a lot no doubt.


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