Saturday, May 29, 2010

Playing With Art Journal Pages

On Friday I grabbed some acrylic paints, some sponge brushes, 2 spiral books from the thrift store ($1 each) to re-purpose; home made stamps from foam stickers...and a warm day in the back yard... and started applying paints...and stamps...
I didtwo books at the same time letting pages dry from the sun on one book while painting pages on the other...
Letting those pages dry and then adding paint covered stamps to the painted first layers.
The books are maybe a quarter way done...long weekend will allow me to do more.
What do you use to write in your art journals?
I can add more art, collage materials, words, feelings, etc.
It's fun. &&&&&
An interesting note on the Bernina Stitch This challenge contest
with the swan quilts: The person in first place with over 118 votes
is being questioned for her originality of design some feeling
she may have used copyrighted clip art. Her piece is lovely.
My Nest Building swan is still in sixth place. Voting continues well into late June.
So if anyone still hasn't voted and wants to, see my earlier post about this quilt
to learn how to cast your vote (if you should decide to vote for mine).
Thanks again to all who have.
I guess I am still holding out hope.


  1. Your art journals look fun! I am blocked on this project with my grandson. I am lacking creativity!!!

  2. Your pages look like so much fun. You will be inspired to make some wonderful art here.

  3. wonderful pages and so great to do this outdoors. i voted !!

  4. You did have some serious fun there Lynn! That's what it's all about and anything goes really - mementoes, collage, pens, paint, fabric...

  5. Those are excellent. Did you get all messy? I highly recommend messy! Are you going to journal over the top? Doesn't matter if you don't... But I just gave myself a great idea. Thanks for sharing xxx

  6. GREAT pages--such fun!!! I'm going to go over and vote!

  7. It looks like you had lots of fun doing these. What will you write on them? Fab colors. Wonder if she will be disqualified. I bet there are disgruntled people because she sped to the top so fast. Well its not over yet. You could still get up to higher numbers. Who knows. Still... think about how many did vote for you. Thats a pretty good number.. you are liked.:))

  8. What wonderful backgrounds those pages will be for any journaling !!!! How exciting !
    Some of my favorite tools for journaling are Micron pens, Faber Castell Pitt pens, Sakura gel pens and Elmer's Painters opaque paint markers (the best white for me hands down !). The biggest ket to using any of these is making sure your acrylics are DRY !!! the wet paint will clog up your pens and kill them !(and they ain't cheap !).
    Can't wait to see where you go with these pages. Having all those background done will mean you can journal for a long time on top of them. Awesome play time, Lynn !
    Enjoythe rest of the long weekend !

  9. Love the look of those art journal pages. Looks like you have a lot of fun and used lots of wild and beautiful colors.

    I am doing all I can to help your quilt win.

  10. I have just started a painted book journal of sorts. I always get so STUCK when it comes to journals! I have no idea why.

    These look terrific. Such wonderful color combos! Keep showing us progress, okay?

    Happy holiday weekend :)

  11. Lynn,
    Your pages are wonderful. I love all the vibrant color.


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