Sunday, June 6, 2010

From Start To Finish

On Friday morning I first drew this in pencil and then used my black dry eraser marking pen to go over it all... I was drawing this area of my design table and the wall behind it. Later in the day I took it outside to paint. I took the little box houses to get the colors right. And here it is done! I like it.
I really am in a state of disbelief. Not that I consider this great art mind you,
but that even this level comes out of me!
Color me happy. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
And on Saturday the phone rang. It was my five year old grand daughter asking me
if I could babysit for them next Saturday!
I said I had to look in my book to see if I was free.
I really did.
Then I came back and said, Yes, I am free, I can come!
She said good, mommy and daddy are going out to dinner.
Then she went on to talk about her morning ballet class, and then going to
something downtown called Chocolate and Chalk
where she drew on the side walk!
And now they were getting ready to go swimming!
What a full day for one little girl and her brother.
He btw was helping dad bake an apple pie.
I spent most of Saturday packing up my art studio. The things from the design table, the
sewing table, and two cabinets filled 15 bins! I kid you not.
I hardly threw anything at all away.
I marked each bin (mixed media, fabric, sewing table stuff, shelves 1 & 2 of white cabinet, shelves 3 & 4 of white cabinet; etc.) and put them all in the garage.
The watercolors fill one little plastic box the size of a shoe box.
That will stay out to be used.


  1. Lynn I LOVE this drawing/painting you have been doing. Is this continuous line drawing? You can get some fabulous effects with this technique.Would you mind if I tried something like this, and got back to you? I am just getting back into drawing after AGES not doing much.

  2. I also love the technique but love your use of the lines and colors. Start using some good watercolor paper Lynn - this is good stuff. I can't imagine you not doing fiber art for awhile, your hands will get itchy. what are you doing to the house?

  3. Wow, it didn't take you long to pack everything away. I love how, no matter how little space you have, you will find a way to create art.

    I'm so impressed with your art/drawings. I can't draw a straight line, but YOU make things look easy.

    Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead of you (grin).

  4. I always like to see the process an artist goes through to finish a project. I like your drawing. You must be doing a big redo if you have to empty your art center. Have fun.

  5. Lynn, this painting is fantastic! You are a natural at everything you do! Keep this up. I'm envious.(I love your cute little box houses, too. Real interesting.)

  6. This blows my mind away. Awesome!!! You just have UBER Talent Lady!!! I hope you are using good watercolor paper as this is worthy of a show.

  7. wonderful painting and drawing. i well know what it is like to have everything in boxes.

    keep on keeping on.

  8. Fantastic drawing. It is wonderful! And I really liked being able to see it in stages.

  9. Judy, I do do continuous line drawing...but this may have been a little mix of that and "copying drawing???" I know I picked up the pencil and pen from time to time but it is done loose and freely.
    I don't believe I have a hold on the technique. So of course try it. I didn't make it up. I learned it from an artist whose workshop I attended a week ago.

    Mim, thanks so much. Okay, I'll get to the good art store for good paper soon. What a compliment.
    I have been doing hand embroidery at night to meet that thread and fabric need!

    Elizabeth, thanks so much. Funny, it is easy when I am doing it and now scary to wonder if I can do it again! LOL More packing today, but must take time to do another painting.

    Lisa, thanks. Yes, we are going to have the inside of the house painted, and floors done.

    Katiejane, thanks so much. The houses were freebees at a garage sale recently. You know me and garage sales!

    Cris, you are too much! Your words spin my head around. Maybe I'll take one to the library when I hang my fiber art there and see if they want to hang one. This one?

    Suki, thanks. Yes, you do know!!!

    Seth, I am honored by your words and visit here!!!! Thanks.

  10. WOW! I am very impressed. You're good at this.

  11. Lynn,

    Your drawing is delighful! There is such a feeling of love, humor and enthusiasm. I look forward to seeing more of your pen and ink sketches. You have a touch!

  12. Very nice work.. and what makes me feel good is how good you feel about it!

  13. Lyn I love the energy in your paintings lovely ....

  14. Isn't it fun to do something different and new? Nice beginnings.
    What will you be doing to your work room?
    Happy Sunday.

  15. it's wonderful, you have certainly come a long long way. you are going to miss your things for sure.

  16. Your drawing just keeps getting better. Are you currently enrolled in a class?

  17. Kiki/Kelly, no, no class, but I took a four hour workshop a week or so ago for watercolor painting.

    Soul, yes, today I had to sew my name on a piece of fiber art going to hang in the library and I nearly kissed the sewing machine.

    Annie, I am having carpet taken up and laminate floors put down in my whole house! And walls painted.

    Elspeth, Hannah, Cori,& Artymess, thank you so much!

  18. I love this drawing you did. Here we have another thing i would love to try someday.. So much art so little time.


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