Saturday, June 5, 2010

Watercolors Will Be My Art Outlet for the Summer

We are going to be doing some major mess making house renovations later this month and next and maybe next depending on how long it will all I will be packing up my art studio very soon. No fabric art for a while, no mixed media. But that leaves watercolors that do not take up a lot of room. Just these few supplies that you can see here on my table: art paper, paints, pencil, marking pen, brush, and a bowl for water. I came home from work on Wednesday early and had time to sit on the back patio and paint this tree and view...
This was my inspiration...
I love watching birds come to the bird bath I put out there some years ago.
I had a wonderful Friday with my friend Diane (the quilter) in Davis.
We enjoyed the art at the Artery, which I'll post much good stuff.
Lunch was nice and so was talk.
A truly lovely day.
And then I came home and painted a drawing I had done in the morning!
I really am on a roll.
Shabbat Shalom.
Enjoy your Sabbath/weekend.
What are you up to?


  1. Lynn, I love your watercolours! They are wonderful!

  2. I have to work today. UGH... I love your painting. It is fun to see your inspiration too. Can't wait to see all about the art gallery.

  3. nice that watercolors are so portable. good luck w/your home renovations. Your life is so full.

  4. Lovely and stunning. Love how you take everyday items/objects and turn them into great art.

  5. A whole summer of simple creating - that sound slike a refreshing idea...
    Your watercolors are really wonderful, Lynn. Simple and so colorful. I like how the watercolor artist in you sees the world.

    Today is continuing the purge,keep, organize that I have been doing in the studio for two days. It was supposed to just be my armoire but of course, it has spread to the whole thing. Looking forward to creating in my new, tidy space with everything at my finger tips !
    Enjoy the weekend !

  6. Just think of all the lovely ideas you will have for creating in fiber when house is done. Since you will only have watercolors I see lots of lovely things flowing out of you and onto paper till then. I love how you see too. I like that you arent afraid of putting down just what you see. These are such fun & unique paintings. That one day work shop was perfect for you.

  7. Sounds like a good plan for the summer. Altho I can't imagine you without a sewing machine in front of you. Your WC class really made an impression.

  8. Yes, the watercolor workshop got the brain rolling!
    You should see me cleaning HOUSE.
    Design table and sewing table all put into plastic boxes marked with contents. Have not tossed much at all.
    DH wonders if I am giving up art quilt creating/mess making! NOPE!

    Teri, I will miss the sewing machines. Have thought of putting them in the beddroom closet. Easy access incase I NEED THEM!!! ;-)
    Finding scraps from very first quilts made up there in closet.

  9. You better keep painting watercolors. You are naturally very good at it! I love to see you doing something I haven't seen you do before! It inspires me to step outside my comfort zone.

  10. Your watercolors are fantastic....


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