Friday, June 4, 2010

Watercolor Week

On Monday I sat in the back patio and painted the planting bench...and then I tore the paper trying to take it off the pad...slow down Lynn... Next I drew and painted the strawberry pot that has a few surviving succulent plants growing out of it.
On Tuesday I stayed indoors and drew the patio furniture through the glass doors.
Practice, practice, practice...the teacher said just keep doing I am on a roll here.
Fabric art is taking a back seat right now. Journal pages can be worked on too. I change my mood and desire for what and how to create daily so who knows what I will do tomorrow?
What about you? What are you creating, doing, hopefully, something that makes you happy. It's Friday
and I am off to Davis to meet my friend
Diane the quilter
at the Artry
a co op art gallery/store
where our friend
Terry Busse is showing her
And then Diane and I will go to lunch...


  1. i love your style in the watercolors, what type of watercolor are you using?

    I am meeting KJ tonight for dinner - something fun to look forward to!

  2. Sounds like you have a full life Lynn. That's wonderful. My life is pretty empty. But this is my own fault I know. I am making a pizza.

  3. What a wonderful series this is becoming--keep going!

  4. I Looooove your journal pages! I hope to see more.... Where is davis? oh and I hope you had a nice day with your friend

  5. It sounds like you are going to have a marvelous day out with your friend. I like your style of watercolors. You convey what you are seeing very good.

  6. Isn't it great to feel inspired to just keep creating - whether it comes from a new medium or a new technique or just needing to get some thought/feeling out of you ?
    Enjoy the flow, wonderful Explorer Woman !
    Happy Friday !

  7. I love the first one. To bad it tore. These are so matisse looking. Fun paintings. Keep it up. Next show you will be showing your watercolors. :))Enjoy your day with friends.

  8. Oh I forgot.. today I have been invited to one of Fairs Tea Parties. I was also asked to take pictures. I am so looking forward to that. Can you come and paint a picture of it?? I can see it done by you. :)

  9. Mim, thanks...I have a little set called Transparent watercolours I think the brand is Taleny or Jalenz or Talen y or z...It's a fancy script and hard to figure out. I got them at a yard sale! But they were never used. And its two layers of paints in rounds like little kid paint sets. No idea if they are "good" paint or not, but lots of colors (24) in all.

    Suki, enjoy your pizza! You often do fun things, so I think your life is just fine!

    Diane, thanks, glad you are enjoying my attempts at painting.

    Messyfish, thanks, Davis is about 30 miles west of Sacramento, CA.

    Lisa, that means a lot coming from you, the queen of watercolor! Thanks, I'll keep working at it.

    Kim, you make me smile. Thanks. I do love exploring new mediums.

    Cris, I will be at the tea party with you in spirit. Lets see what I can do. Have fun there, know you will!!!

  10. These are really cute, Lynn. I like the free style that you use. You'll be a "Fifi" painter in no time. Have fun this weekend.

  11. These are lovely Lynn, you have talent in so many areas. Enjoy your time in Davis...

  12. Love you watercolors. I always feel like my paints are going to go everywhere when I am painting in water colors. Your look really clear.
    I am going to be doing the sketchbook project that for details. I am planning on doing my handcarved stamped faces for the book. So I am gearing up to doing more stamps.
    I am also cooking, having picnics with family, gardening, and stitching something for a gift.
    I was drawing everyday...and you have reminded me to get back to it. Draw draw draw.


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