Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grateful Thrusday & More Watercolor

It's always fun to find snail mail gifts from my blog friends of their wonderful art. Teri C. is an amazing watercolorist and she thoughtfully sent me this ATC in the envelope with a painted pin stuck through it... matching the Artist Trading Card for "S" in our ABC ATC swap...I love when they are personalized like this...Teri very much aware of my use of my sewing machine in my artwork.
And Lisa B. another terrific artist made me this "T" ATC in the same swap. I love the way she painted the leaf this critter is walking across. And she made the little envelop it came in with the poppies on it (California poppies)...again a very personal touch.
Thank you Lisa and Teri.
And one more watercolor painting of mine
our living room couch with pillows and my hat resting on the back.
I love the wooden arms and sides to this couch. And the little butler table next to it, which my DH refurbished years ago.
I am grateful for my friends
the many, many of you I have gained since starting blogging
1051 posts ago!
my friends and family
in life outside my online community as well.
I'm also very grateful for my health,
as I am made more aware of other's who are dealing with
health issues...if this is the case for you
I wish you healing and wellness in all aspects of your life!
I wish you could hear my DH playing his guitar
and singing in the background here.
"My faded love..."
What a voice he has.
What a joy to hear.
What blessings are you counting today?


  1. Thank you for your good wishes Lynn. Just love your watercolour, you have a flair for it! Lovely ATC's from your bloggy friends too!

  2. your watercolours have shown such improvement -wow! my blessing for today is that i have found a wonderful (very expensive) therapist to talk to, saw her yesterday for first visit, and now feel some hope. sorry for not visiting you lately, just no up for much blogging right now.

  3. How lucky to have a musician in the house. Glad you liked your moth larva and the poppies.

  4. what beautiful gifties you received ! Doesn't it always blow you away when people take such care to give you a little extra loving ? So sweet, and definitely something to be grateful for !
    The water colors are lovely !
    Happy Thursday !

  5. ah yes, i see you painting to the tunes DH plays and sings with kitty sitting on your lovely couch. Lynn, whatever you turn your creative hand to seems to evoke magic! I have a little section now in my sidebar in which I write some gratitudes.

  6. Thursdays are so great for showing appreciation of all the good things in our lives.
    Love your watercolor and happy to see you are into it again.

    ps, Im glad you didn't gets tuck by the pin. :)

  7. Lovely gifts. Such talented friends. and your paintings are fun and I am glad you are keeping them up. I love Guitar playing. Fred can play for us sometime...?..:))

  8. Cool touch with the pin on the envelope! That Teri!

    I'm loving Lisa's butterfly and larva series. The detail is incredible.

    Lovin' your latest watercolor too. We had a butler's table just like that!

    Happy Gratitude day :)♥

  9. Wow, Lynn. I had no idea you have 1052 posts under your belt. You truly need a power blogger award. Those are some cute ATCs you got in trade. Blogging has brought such great and close friends. I'm with you on being thankful for that. Just think, without blogging, I would never have found you and your art!


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