Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Owls, Buzzards, Llamas, Horses, Scarecrows All on an Animal Wednesday!

One of the perks living where we live is that on a lazy garage sale Saturday we can drive a few short miles (I mean literally a few blocks past the last residential area) and find WILD LIFE literally at our back door. You already are well acquainted with our burrowing owls who live right off the golf course that is across the street from the local car dealerships. and they have a birds eye view (sorry, couldn't help myself there)...
of the buzzards that are flying around just outside the city limits...
past this tree that looked like a painting to us...very Impressionistic, don't you agree?
This mom and baby drew our attention over to the side of the road so I could get out and snap this photo...
...and then we came upon the most delightful surprise of all...
this little herd of young, small llamas...
and let me tell you they were as curious about us as we were of them...
Are they not just the cutest things you have ever seen (besides your grandchildren maybe?)
I loved their stylish hair cuts. Thought they could be on stage with all the kids on American Idol.
(addition: I think my llamas are alpacas...I just did a Google search to see the differences and alpacas are these small guys, and llamas are much larger. The latter raised as pack animals and the former for their fur/yarn. Or so a weaver on another blog said.) and last but not least was this dancing gal, who I believe she could be heard to say she was auditioning for "So you think you can dance!" Look for her! I think she'll do great.
Happy Animal Wednesday to all of you.
What critters did you meet up with this week? PS
No photo of Henry V today
or his latest
Too bloody, and too gory.
If you are eating breakfast, lunch or dinner while reading this stop now!
He left me a decapitated rat
at our front doorstep
and I had to hose down the walkway
after disposing of the poor creatures parts.
Now go look at the llamas again to get that image out of your head
and I will too.


  1. HAW to you too miss lynnie - lovely animals today

  2. Happy Animal Wednesday all your little animal lovelies.

  3. Fun and unique animal shots!


  4. Those Llamas are adorable or are they Alpacas. I dont know what the difference is. Love the close up one with the blond streak. lol
    We had a buzzard flying low and swooping over us the other day.. wow. They are big & kind of scary when diving over you. I didnt have my camera tho.. looks like You got the shot. LOL

  5. I adore the alpacas...the look like grown up hippies to me with their long hair and ugg boots!!! Tee hee hee...
    I posted a pic of Baby cat and Doozey dog...come and see your Henry look a like!!!

  6. Lynn,
    HAW! Now this is what I call a wonderful "AW" post... I am still new to your blog - so I DIDN'T know about the Owls....(I adore all kinds of owls).... GREAT SHOT -and your caption was a "HOOT"!

    The Buzzards are beautiful to me...we have them in CA too..and I love to see them soaring lazily in the sky.

    Horses and Llamas - it doesn't get better than having them for neighbours!

    You are a luckly lady!


    ♥ Robin ♥

    p.s. THANK YOU for NOT posting a photo of Henry and his latest kill!

  7. those alpacas are darned cute. not sure i've seen babies before. At least Henry is keeping the neighborhood rat free. what a guy!

  8. Wow what stunning pictures!!!!

  9. I love seeing the owls again Lynn. Of course I like seeing all of the animals. The alpacas are cute and appear very curious. I saw some rats today in a feed lot. I didn't take their picture. UGH.. HAW.

  10. LOVE all the animals... bird photos amazing!

  11. Oh Henry!
    I love owls and the Alpacas are darling.


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