Monday, June 7, 2010

Art Show With Diane and Cousin Judy's Cactus Blooms

Last Friday I went to Davis to meet my friend Diane the quilter for lunch and art gallery time. This wonderful dragon and many other animal friends were on display at a store called Nestware. A store with wonderful art objects and furnishings. I saw some nice woven rugs that would look great on my soon to be new laminate floors too! Earlier we stopped in at the Artery gallery/store and enjoyed the art of many local artists. These are some super notebooks with soft covers that I believe are photos of painted works of art. I loved this digitally altered watercolor by Tom Post. The clothes pins are photos but the rest is paint!
Terry Busse had a whole wall for her art. Some I'd seen already at her other shows, but this piece was new to me as were some other woven pieces.
Sara Post had a big display of ceramic art wall hangings that were oh so beautiful!
This wall of felted art was by Annette of WonderWul. Her etsy store address is
You had to touch these pieces they were so soft and lovable.
That's a little mermaid sleeping in the abalone shell.
And her prices were written on smooth little river rocks.
A nice added touch.
Here is Terry Busse's art!
And I really liked this basket but did not get the artist's name, sorry.
I bought myself a little pin of an etched womans head that I thought looked
like me! I'll show it at another time.
My dear cousin Judy grows beauty in her backyard that is simply awesome. She has such a green thumb. When I asked if I could post these photos she sent me for Cactus Monday she said: "Of course. A strange plant makes a fuzzy wuzzy lump on the cactus... then comes an asparagus type shoot and bud then the badminton birdie bloom. It lasts only two days then it withers and droops, very unusual. J."
Happy Cactus Monday And thank you dear cousin!


  1. That was fun. I love going to a show even in photos. :) I love how Terry put up the flags of material in her booth. It was festive and drew ones eye in at the same time.
    Lovely cactus flower pictures too. They are so unique and last such a short time you have to be fast to see them.

  2. Would have loved to visit this exhibition.. specially liked the ceramic one, but they seemed an inspiring bunch altogether! Like you I can't resist Anita Shreve, I bought her Body Surfing at the airport on my way to Northern Ireland last week. Sheila

  3. W hat gorgeous pieces art art work ! Wow! A real featst for the eyes. Thanks for all the eye candy this morning, Lynn!

  4. a lovely day you had w/your friend. spiriting.

  5. Wow lynn great art youy saw ....quite inspiring i loved the ceramic wal piece and Annettes wonderful art I'm going to check out her etsy shop ...x

  6. Great art show! I remember Terry Busse from your earlier post. Her work is wonderful.
    Love that cactus!!!

  7. The art show looks great. I love those ceramic wall pieces. Very unusual. HCM, your cousin has beautiful cactus.

  8. Oh yum. What a wonderful day full of art and beauty!

  9. What a wonderful little art store... I want to go shopping with you one of these day...What fun we would have... I love those cloth covered books...:) Your cactus entry for today is simply stunning-I love the color of that flower...Gorgeous! Happy Cactus Monday! :)

  10. I sure liked Annette's art quilts and art dolls. The idea of using river rocks for price tags is priceless. Thanks for sharing.

    Was blogger down today in your area? It was here. I had a very frustrating day.

  11. Wonderful art-I love going to shows and seeing everyone's creative talent--it really is an inspiration.

  12. What a colourful show! And those cactus blooms are splendid!


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