Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Packing Up; and Best Neighbor in the World, on Bloomin' Tuesday

It is really going to happen...we are getting ready for our EXTREME MAKEOVER!!!! This cupboard was stuffed full of art was the teak cabinet next to it. (Under a beautiful needle point my mom did after a trip to Alaska many many years ago.) I cannot recall how many years ago I bought this teak cabinet/desk. But it is not functional for my needs anymore. It cost $500 new many years ago. I was going to put it out on the front lawn for free to whoever wanted it. I offered it to Dave, my next door neighbor. He gave me a lesson for selling on EBay. But that evening he came back with his wife Donna and she wanted it. I was SO HAPPY to be able to give them this gift. They are so good to us!! We've been neighbors for 22 years. And Dave is the guy who comes over in a second if my computer has problems; who agrees to do minor or not so minor maintenance around here. He and his son replaced a fence and gate for me. The list goes on and on and on. I am so grateful to them both. On Saturday I worked hard packing bins full of everything in my art studio and here you see it
in the garage, not too far from the door so I can easily retrieve it if I need it and when I am ready to put it back in it's place.
Henry did his best to help!
He at least kept the bins warm until I was ready for them.
Yesterday, Dave, who had spotted a fixture in the ceiling that was for a light or a fan, said he was so sorry he had never noticed that before...we NEEDED a fan! So come morning I hopped in his truck and we drove to the hardware store where he helped me pick out a new ceiling fan and light that runs on a remote control. How cool is that?!
And then we returned to my house and he installed it for me.
See what I mean about being the best neighbor in the world?
It's right in time for summer. The fan is in my art studio so it will be cooler to work in the summer now.
I also called a company to come out and talk about tinting the back windows for more protection from heat and sun. Again something that will make sewing more comfy.
If you think you are not going to see every box I pack you have another think coming.
Here are three of the six more I packed later in the day on Monday!
and I framed all my watercolors.
I am thinking about taking them to the library on Saturday where I am hanging
some of my fiber art.
Am I nuts?
Is it too amateurish yet to hang in public? Be honest, I can take it.
And last but not least is this beautiful bloom
I captured with my camera on Friday last
when I was hanging out with Diane.
I saw it right before we parted and I was on my way to my car.
Perfect for Bloomin' Tuesday!
Enjoy your day! And thanks for listening!


  1. wowee. If I had to pack up my studio I think I 'd freak out!!
    first off...of COURSE you can hang your watercolors. Yes, you are a beginner but they are striking and enjoyable so go for it.
    Yes, you have a wonderful neighbor - that's terrific, and so wonderful that he does all that stuff for you.

    enjoy it all as much as you can!!

  2. What a lot of packing Lynn! Your neighbour is worth his weight in gold! Your watercolours look smart in their new frames - go for it, why not?!

  3. Great, you have found an excuse for a clean studio.

  4. Very exciting that you are doing makeovers on your house. The fan is wonderful. Love your neighbors. They too sound wonderful. Have fun with all this. Have a great art show at the library.!! I think your paintings will look great beside your fabric work.

  5. I have been hearing about all the work now I can SEE it. Lots of work but the house will be beautiful. Love the paintings framed. You arent a novice.. you have been working with drawing and painting for three years now when not quilting. This is just another course you took to fine tune your style. You are ARTIST hear you roar. YES..Take them to the library!

  6. What a great neighbor, nice to pay back with something nice.
    Love the photo of Henry.


  7. You do have your "stuff" all neat and tidy for the remodel. I hope all goes smooth. Of course you can hang your watercolors. They look great framed. You have wonderful neighbors for sure.

  8. Remodel??

    I must have been absent that day!
    I hope you end up with a fantastic creative space!

    The watercolors look really nice framed. What matters is how you feel Lynn. I say put them out there with confidence!

    Fantastic neighbors are worth their weight in gold.

    Keep us posted on the remodel!

  9. Lynn, I love Henry :-). You made me laugh with all the photos of boxes. Dave sounds amazing.
    I say hang the work in the library, beginner or no, who cares.

  10. Hello Lynn!
    It's great to have a makeover, eventhough the process is tiring but the end result is great!
    I am so glad you have made this decision!
    Ha..Ha..your cat is resting in the container, so cute pose and clever!

    You have a thoughtful friend for ebay lesson Lynn, that friends are for.

    Framing up painting especailly the one handpicked by you and you know that these new decors are blooming new hopes and sparking new adventures in you.
    Keep it up Lynn!

    I love your choice and determination!

    Happy creating and happy weekends!

  11. Well, what a wonderful neighbor!!! The best.

    I don't think any art is too amateurish to display...someone can take something away from anything they view, and your paintings are delightfully awesome!!! I, myself, would love to see them hanging in a public place!!! Too bad you are so far away, or I would be there with bells on!!! :)


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