Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grandbaby Grad and Beware on Animal Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sweet sixteen grand daughter graduated high school on Sunday! She'll be off cross country to college come August and will turn 17 in September! So young! She is my son's daughter. Sweet nu? Cute story. Best friend in photo with her is daughter of son's best friend...they were best friends at same age and still are close today!!! How about that! Lots of WILD LIFE for ANIMAL WEDNESDAY TODAY!
This ferocious duck was curbside when Diane and I were having lunch last Friday!
I had to reshow this wonderful dragon this time with his friends. And I found the artist who did these wonderful creatures tonight: Her display is called "Peace, Love, & Taxidermy" 3-D fiber based creations by Andrea Kazer. They are on display at the store Friday night for the 2nd Friday Art About in Davis. CA.
Aren't they all just delightful?!
The stitchery was fantastic in each one. and finally at home one more WILD ANIMAL
He who loves sleeping in the dirty clothes basket!!!!
(or the clean clothes basket, he's not particular)


  1. HAW to you to lynn - what terrific animal heads, they are really something!

    and Henry of course, can't forget the master.

    Your grand-daughter is adorable, and looks happy. I was also 16 when I graduated high school, and had just turned 17 when starting college. I can't imagine having my nephews start college at that age - they are WAY too young.

  2. congrats to your grand daughter. she's lovely and it is so exciting to be launching out into the larger world.

    Love those cloth animals.

  3. Yes congrats to your Grand Daughter. So young. What a cool thing that your Son still has his childhood friend who nows has a daughter too. Must run in the family of loyalty to old friends. Like you and Patty.
    Fun annimal heads. Beats the real things. And Good ole Henry. he knows a soft spot when he sees one. :)

  4. Congrats to your Granddaughter Lynn. She is a beauty and obviously intelligent. I wish her well out in the big world.

    Those animal heads are something else. So is Henry. HAW.

  5. Henry is the best!!!!!
    What a wonderful granddaughter you have! Must be so proud!
    Lovely post! Love all those animals but once again henry is the best!


  6. I love the elephant heads!
    And the last wild animal... he is lovely!


  7. Fabulous animal heads! I love Henry in the laundry basket. Our girls do that too. It must be a cat thing! I gave your DH something to pass along to you. He told me that I had better e-mail you to let you know, otherwise it will sit in his briefcase all summer (his words, not mine)!

  8. You must be very proud of your lovely granddaughter Lynn! Those animal heads are really orginal! Cats always find the best spots!

  9. Congrats to granddaughter!!!

    These animal heads are incredible!!! WOW!!!

    Hi Henry!!! You are so cute and wild!!!!!


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