Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grateful Thursday and I NEED your HELP!!!

Last evening I got an email from Diane F., the friend who won my "secret giveaway" when I reached my 1000th post! The email told me that she was sending a gift home to me via DH, who teaches at the same school where Diane teaches. She said he told her to email me and tell me this or the gift might sit in his brief case all summer long. DH got home and I said: "So, you have a gift for me?" Blank stare! "From DIANE, AT YOUR SCHOOL?" Oh, yeah", and he goes to get it...he had ALREADY FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEN! Tired, teacher MEN!!! LOL This is the cute card Diane sent:
Sweet that she acknowledged me this way...I am still laughing Diane. Thank you!
And then I found this in the same envelope as the card:
back of necklace
front of necklace It is so pretty...The 1" glass square holds one
lone button, and the square is then soldered around the outside.
A lovely beaded dangle completes the piece
as does the fun chain! Thank you Diane, this was so unexpected
and so sweet. I love it.
And will wear it immediately!!!
Diane makes jewelry, mixed media and beautiful quilts as well.
Diane has a blog called The Third Wish.
Go there to see more necklaces and her other wonderful art!!!!
You can tell her I sent you.
Now I need your help. I have framed these four watercolors and will hang them at the library on Saturday morning. I need help with names.
I will show you what I have come up with, but if you have better suggestions
I will consider them. Thanks.
(It was very had to photograph these glassed in pictures without getting background business in the pictures. If anyone has a suggestion for doing this too I'd appreciate knowing the trick.
Design Table Balancing Act
Henry's Backyard
Pure Grain Bakery (which is the actual name of the place I painted, or, it's address:)
11 Town Square
Los Reyes Restaurante
21A Town Square
Comida Mexicana
(correct Spanish spelling appreciated too and does this last one mean Mexican Food?)
I will be most GRATEFUL for your help today!
Lynn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PS: I found the name of the artist who created those wonderful fabric animals I posted yesterday. This body of work is called:
"Peace, Love and Taxidermy" 3-D Fiber Based Creation by
Andrea Kazer. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


  1. I like the names you have chosen - and for the last one I'd pick the Town Square name, it's generic enough so that people can relate to it, yet gives a sense of closeness,community.

  2. It looks to me that you have suitable names for your paintings. Cute necklace too.

  3. I would just use Balancing Act for the first one. I love Henry's back yard! Good luck. And I am lousy at photographing pictures. Very hard to do without reflections but I know there are ways.

  4. What a fun card and sweet gift. Love that button in there.

    I like the chosen names.

  5. I have told everyone to always tell me something and not just con as he NEVER remembers to pass it on. MEN! is right.. haha Love the gift.. what a perfect necklace for you.. Artsy AND personal.. She is very good. Love all the paintings you are putting in and I think the names are fine. I like the Pure Grain Bakery with 11 town square. sounds cool and just the resturants name on the other.
    Maybe they will like it and use it for their logo.. I am thinking big now.. :))

  6. What a sweet gift that necklace!
    And your watercolors look so pretty!
    I always take tha glass out for the picture ;)


  7. I think I'll use the addresses for Town Square paintings, thanks Mim.

    Suki, okay, Balancing Act it is!

    uh oh...Cris has a good idea...will the business see it and want to buy it if it has their name on it? Still thinking...

    Marianne, OF COURSE removing the glass would remove that problem. Thank you for waking up my brain!

  8. I was thinking Balancing Act when I read your response. I was at the art museum this past week and had the exact same problem. I can't take the glass out of the paintings, so I am still clueless. If you learn a trick other than buying an SLR with a polaroid filter, please let me know.

  9. One of my favorite things to do is to name paintings!
    I like the names you've chosen and I like that you went with Suki's edited version.

    Sweey necklace, so you!!!

  10. Your husband is so funny! I saw him after school today and he said, "OH! I'm so glad I saw you! I was supposed to give you something and I forgot." So we went over to his room and he couldn't find it. Just about the time he was ready to go into full-blown panic, he found it. Poor guy! I loved your note and your post! I'm so happy you like it! Your watercolors are beautiful and the names are fitting. Happy painting!


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