Friday, June 11, 2010

A Conversation With My Cereal Bowl

I wake up in the morning and my breakfast bowl says:
"What did you do yesterday after you left me?" and "What are you going to do today on your day off?" Well, I say, "yesterday I went to work...and at noontime I took a nice brisk walk."
As I stood waiting for a traffic light to change
I was spoken to by a teenage young man at a stop light:
"Hello Mam" he said, how are you today? "Fine" said I.
"School is OUT!" He said, very excited to let me know this, as he pounded repeatedly
on the button that tells the traffic light he wants to cross the street.
And then he continued to tell me that " was a complete waste,
that he only went there for friends!"
I had no doubt he had plenty!
I think I said something about trusting he probably learned a thing or two there,
as he rushed off across the street to catch a bus!
I enjoyed the nicely decorated cars parked on the street curbs.
But was rather daunted by the speed of the passing cars driven noisily by teens behind the wheel.
I dare say I cowered closer to the plants and buildings lest one might jump a curb and end my life too early...G-d forbid! I had taken a new route from my office this day and was seeing new flowers
and foliage.
I always, always remember to stop
smell the roses!
Today, I will be painting this picture of teenage girls I drew last night
from a photo I took on my noontime walk the day before.
And hanging out at home today until the guy who is coming to install tinted film
on my art studio sliding glass doors.
This will make sewing in summer more enjoyable!
I'll also be making labels for paintings and fiber art
that will go to the library tomorrow for hanging.
I think maybe, just maybe
DH will get home early from HIS LAST DAY of school
(and believe me he will be even happier than that young man from yesterday that
and he and I may go to Davis
for dinner and to the
2nd Friday of the month Art About!
I hope so. I'll let you know at breakfast tomorrow!
Stay tuned!


  1. Your bowl looks so friendly and is so pretty. A wonderful way to start the day. Your sketch of the girls is good.

  2. Funny how I reacted to that kid's comment. I'd give anything to have my school years back so I could graduate with my class and have college opportunities. Ah, I guess I did okay anyway.

    Wonderful flowers along your new path. Very pretty!

    I hope you get to go to the art walk too. I miss the ones in CA :(

    Have a super weekend no matter how it plays out.

    Oh, btw, my trees painting wasn't accepted but another one I brought in was. Go figure judging ;P

  3. Great post today. love the cereal bowl. lol and the story of the Schools out kid. Figures. they dont appreciate it till they get old and wonder why they wasted time. Flowers are pretty BUT that drawing is wonderful. I cant wait to see it painted. You go girl!!!

  4. is your Husband out for the Summer now long are the hols there ? we have another 6 weeks before we have the last day of school........

  5. What a powerful cereal bowl!!! It has the power to really get you thinkin, and talkin!!! WOWZERS!!!

    I know your hubby will be happy to be done with teaching for the year! Hope he (and you) have a wonderful summer together!!!

  6. Thank you for your comment, your right its not denim, but procion dyed cotton. You have a v. lively style and blog. Best wishes.


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