Saturday, June 12, 2010

Library Hanging; Four Teenaged Girls Inspire A Painting: It's Process; And Friday Night Out!

Yesterday morning I hung EIGHT pieces of my art at the Town Square Library downtown. Four watercolors and four pieces of fiber art. "Swirls" is enjoying her own show in the computer Lab room playing to a huge audience; "Life's Crazy Pieces" is hanging alone near the copy machine; "Black and White Frayed Roses" got voted in as best to hang at the front check-out desk; "11A Town Square and 22A Town square share a wall near the drinking fountain; "Henry's back yard", "Desert Cactus and Snake" and "Balancing Act" all share a brightly lit wall across from the bathrooms. I have a feeling they will be the ones to be seen most often! ;-) I cannot tell you how warmly my art and I were received there by everyone who saw it. Joan, who helped me hang it was effusive in her acceptance of it all. Turned out we both have cats named Henry! Hers is Henry David Thoreau! The art will stay there for a couple of MONTHS!!!! Needless to say I am feeling mighty proud today! Thank you Town Square Library and Vacaville Art League for allowing me this honor!

You might want to click and double click on collage photo to see them close up!

btw 22,000 people come through these doors a month! Now that is what I call an audience!

Earlier this week I took one of my usual noontime strolls with my camera and snapped this picture of four teenage girls walking in front of me. I was taken by their similarities to each other: all had long hair, all carried a LARGE purse, bag, or backpack, I just liked the look of them together and thought it would make a good painting subject. So I went home and drew it out first in pencil and then copied over that in black fine point micro pen.
Then I high lighted some of it in black dry erase pen. The next day I started adding some watercolor paint and finally I finished it!
Next will be another painting from a photo of three teenage boys, also
walking in front of me on a different day!
DH and I did go to Davis last night and took in several artists shows of wonderful art, including that of Hannah Hunter, Christopher Beers and Jane Burnside, and Jan Foss (watercolors). I might take Jan's watercolor class on Sunday! I'll share photos of this on another post.
After art we enjoyed a delicious dinner sitting outside on the patio; and then proceeded to their town square to listen to good live music outdoors as well. It was a warm pleasant evening.
I have another big busy fun filled, art filled day ahead of me today finishing up with babysitting this evening my two delightful grandchildren!
Life is GOOD!
Enjoy yours too! Be sure to share your weekend with me please!


  1. Love your painting of the girls and also wanted to wish you good luck with your show. I hope you get a lot of visitors to see your lovely work


  2. Pant pant pant. I am trying to catch my breath as your work is taking it away and your schedule is too. the Watercolors are fantastic in the show as are your fiber pieces. The Girls you drew and painted is fantastic. Congrats on the cool places you got your stuff hung in the Library and Have a wonderfully fun weekend. Can you bottle your energy to share please??? LOL

  3. Oh Lynn I love the painting of the girls but especially love how you showed the process from photo on through the painting. You are really good at this....

    Good luck with the show.

  4. Lynn.. a group of teenage girls with bags.. yes.. a certain energy that creates a unique subject! Congrats on the show! Pics are amazing. Bravo!

  5. I love your painting of the girls--you are one talented lady!
    And the group of all your artwork together looks wonderful--good luch with that!

  6. Lynn I love your art in the library.
    Lots of people are going to see it there.
    Your watercolour of the 4 girls is super too. Where do you get all your energy from? Have a great weekend. Me I not doing much, hubby is in England till Tuesday so I have 2 gardens to look after.

  7. Beautiful exhibition Lynn and those girls!!! You are doing such a great job on these watercolors! Amazing!

    The answer on your watermelon question is in my blog comments.... :)

  8. Your paintings look so great framed Lynn! Good that so many people will get to see them. Loved your teenage girl painting and thanks for sharing the process, I always enjoy that part!

    My weekend has been about cleaning and reorganising the house, throwing windows open etc. I've just come back from a week away and it seems they missed me here! :) Today I will read the Sunday papers & later watch my son's soccer match. Tomorrow it's my turn - I get to make some art!!

  9. Your art will be appreciated at the library. I like the girls. I will look forward to seeing the boys too.

  10. Lynn, congratulations on your exhibit at the Library. Your work looks great on the walls and I love your comment about the number of people coming through the door. No kidding!
    Thanks for stopping by ArtAbout last night. It was good to meet DH--what a wonderful presence he has.

  11. I'm so excited for you that your work is being shown at the library. You might want to change the name of your blog; you're no longer just getting your feet wet, you've stepped in and are waist deep now! You inspire me to get going and create! I love the girls step-by-step. I like how you mix the marker and watercolor - it really gives a nice finished look!

  12. great stuff lynn! great stuff....

  13. the hangings look wonderful in the library space. I don't remember seeing the B&W roses before. Stunning piece!

    What I like about you is that you just go for it! You're unstoppable in learning new things and embracing them. Bravo!


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