Sunday, June 13, 2010

Winters Quilt Festival & Grandkids Fun!

On Saturday I went to Davis to pick up my friend Diane and we drove to Winters to the outdoor quilt festival. It was a beautiful warm breezy day...just right for viewing hundreds of quilts blowing in the wind outside! The highlight of the day was seeing actual quilts from Gee's Bend! This one struck me for being so colorful!
We walking along Main street looking at fronts and backs of these
wonderful creations of so many talented hands.
Diane fell in love with this one particular quilter, a guy named Mike!
His style was not unsimiliar to her own, although with a definite masculine flare!
This is the back of one of his many quilts in the show!
I have many more photos which I can share at another time.
From there I drove to the home of my daughter/SIL and grandchildren.
It was instantly apparent that my grandma's bag is never ever
going to go out of style!
We did our usual art projects, torn paper pictures; paper airplanes;
felt gluing pieces too.
While cleaning up at home I found these two stuffed animals in a bag in the garage.
They had been my daughters when she was a little girl.
I was about to take them to the thrift store to donate, but DH stopped me.
So instead I took them with me yesterday and the kids, who had not
shown much interest in them at our house
suddenly swooped them up with love and said YES they wanted them! So Lizzy the Lion and Poly Bear have a new home!
This photo is on it's side, but shows the men repairing my grandson's guitar.
As usual we had music time with grandpa playing guitar and singing and the kids joining in on drums and tambourines. GD did ballet, GS picked out a song (really!) on the keyboard!
They also had played basketball out front too on the newly installed 9' hoop
and my little Gson was able to make basket after basket after basket!
He is quite the athlete! Needless to say it was another very very good day!


  1. I ADORE the photo of your GD looking thru your Grandmas bag. What treasures does it hold today??? and the suffed toys one was cute too as was the kids listening to GPa...How awesome to get to actually see those Gees bend quilts. Sounds like a long but fun day.

  2. Love the big smiles on your grandkid's faces. Sounds like a wonderful quilt show too out in the sun and fresh air. You guys do have fun.

  3. What a fun day! Peter and I saw the Gee's bend quilts at an exhibit in S.F. They are so simple, yet stunning. I wanted to go home and cut up all our clothes and start quilting!

  4. The quilts are amazing. You can see that a man made the brute force quilt. I don't usually think of men as quilters even though I have seen them on tv I don't know one personally. Grandma and Grandpa came through with great entertainment. Glad to hear you had such a good time.

  5. What a wonderful, fun day. Your children are so lucky. I love the quilts and that first one made my heart flip.

  6. how fun to see gee's bend quilts, i have a little book of postcards i can't part with :)
    thank you for your comment the other day on my post i have had such a problem was very appreciated, i just went a little nuts, that's all...anyway, lynn, you are a very fortunate woman to have your children and gkids so close lucky for all of you.

  7. Oh, remind me of ME, with the grandkids!!! You are just like Mary Poppins too!!! :)

  8. Oh what a good day!
    Great those stuffed animals found the best home.
    Music time with the kids is also a great gift!

  9. great great day...bliss.. love that first picture too. every time i see maggie i think of you with these two little darlings. sigh....xxxxx

  10. I'm so behind in visiting, but what a lovely stroll thru the quilts in Winters and your grandkids--priceless!


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