Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sharing My Life and A Garden Refreshment

At one time I had over fifty holly hocks growing in this front and back yard. I was happy to find two such plants this weekend behind my house on one side. This gorgeous Burgundy stalk and a pure white one. The Lilies of the Nile are in full bloom outside my kitchen/computer desk window! And after my gardener cut back the hydrangea nearly to the ground last winter scaring me to death, it has come back, not tall yet, but full and lush with blooms and this brilliant pink color. I just love it. All that to give us both a breather a respite from all the cleaning that went on this weekend. More got done on Sunday. One more trip to the thrift store to leave a car load of STUFF. How I parted with that stuffed clown doll that sat on top of my bookcase there is beyond me. Short of being dusty it was in perfect condition. But the grand kids have enough toys. Some other child will get it and love it. some of you have voiced wonder as to why or how could I am writing about my dirt and clutter. When I am doing art I write about the process of making art. When I am with family I write about that. I share whatever pretty much is going on in my life at any given time. Right now that focus is pretty much consumed with packing belonging into boxes and cleaning things that have laid unattended to over time. It's HOUSES TURN. So that is what you get on my blog now. When I get back to art making it will be about art again. In the meantime, this morning the floor guy is coming to give us an estimate. This is the computer's image of the Gold Coast Tile I've picked out for the kitchen. Last night my brother came down and took DH and me out to dinner at the Outback. I had grilled shrimp and veggies and told the waiter it was my birthday. At the end of our meal he brought out a hot fudge sundae with candle and cherry and three spoons. We shared. I got the cherry! ;-) Life goes on!


  1. your life is certainly like a bowl of cherries, again happy boifday.

  2. What lovely flowers in your garden. I have had the worst luck with having no flowers at all this year.

    Glad you got the cherry. After all, it was a day to celebrate. Life is full of them!

    Lovely tile choice, too..

  3. I think it is fun hearing about all the goings on in your life Lynn. I am always amazed how easy it is for you to share with the world. Your life seems like a sundae with a cherry (you) on top.

  4. Lovely flowers here. I used to grow Hollyhocks in CA. Forget about them here. Nice surprise for you to find some still growing. I really like this tile better then what you picked before. It will feel cleaner I think. You are inspiring others with your talk of cleaning and sometimes us messy Artists needs some inspiring.. LOL

  5. Lovely flowers and beautiful tile you have chosen. I love all the bits of your life that you share.


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