Sunday, June 27, 2010

And The Clean Up Continues...Henry Helps.

Okay, Henry got up early yesterday and said "Here's the list, first thing today is dealing with the kitchen. See all that stuff on the fridge? It has to come off...and you have to move it out and clean all the cat food that has rolled underneath it, not to mention the accumulation of dirt and dust that you will certainly find back there. You do NOT want the painters or the floor people to SEE that part of your house shame!" Now get to work!" Henry really likes his perch on the newly cleaned off desk! OMIGOD, the dirt we found behind and under the fridge was incredibly gross! But it's gone now! ;-) And we obeyed Henry V's command and took down the pictures that covered the fridge. (they'll go back later) DH said the glare from the clean fridge made him feel like he was living in a model home. Then we went to the hardware store to replace a back burner on the stove that had been unusable for, ah...don't recall how many years... and got BLACK burner drip pans, as I was tired of trying to scrub all the stuff off of the old chrome ones. I figure this way new dirt won't show as much. and it looks kind of arty. The decorative plates and bowls that used to line that back tile are put away for now. Oh, and that little carrot ceramic spoon holder? A gift from my daughter when she was a little girl. I will NOT part with it ever. This just represents some of the dust in our house... Now it shines!
Amazing what a little Windex and paper towel can do!

Henry said, "Job well done."

DH took seven boxes of books to the SPCA thrift store yesterday!

What a way to spend a birthday!

But 25 of you came to my party yesterday here

and that made it very very special. Thank you so much for

all your many wonderful good wishes!

Tonight my brother is coming down to take us out to dinner.

I hope we can move, as we plan to continue our big clean today!

Oh there's Henry calling...I have to go..............

PS: Last two days to vote for Nest Building Swan Quilt for Bernina Stitch This Contest.

Vote here.

It's the sixth in line right now.

Thanks again to all who have already voted!



  1. Henry's a nag.. why isnt he helping??? LOL When we decide to take on a project we never know HOW MUCH a project it will be. but it will be like moving into a brand new home for you after all is said and done. I just hope you both are alive & moving to enjoy it.. lol Enjoy your dinner out tonight. Where are you going?

  2. Isn't it funny how we choose to not see certain parts of our home. Ha.. I would hate it if someone had to pull out our refrig or the washer and dryer. UGH... I can only imagine. No I don't want to. Henry is sucha helpful kitty.

  3. this is really incredible, what you are doing. clearing out the dust and dross of the past to make way for a bright and clean future. You will breathe so much better in the spruce new house. Henry is a taskmaster and as all kings before him has a cordon of minions to carry out the tasks he devises.

  4. I echo every word Suki said....cos' it's the truth!

    Love your Henry!!!

    The house looks primed and ready for a new, fresh beginning!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Oh Lynn this sounds and looks great!
    Spring cleaning is always good!
    Wish I could do a real one......
    I would love to do it!
    cats are always such great helpers.

  6. LOVE that cleaning up- always feels fantastic!! Love the comment about the fridge!!I used to have things all over mine too, but when we had the kitchen "done", they were removed and never went back. I hate all those small things that pile up and never have a place to live. I've just cleaned up too. Our halos must be shining brighly!!!!

  7. Great Feng Shui! Good things will follow, I guarantee it! I love that Henry, he's adorable!!

  8. Well gee, what would you do without Henry! lol

    Lynn, you are brave, showing the world your 'dirt'. I won't even talk about mine altho I did clean under the fridge and stove in May. haha

    It will be so clean in there you won't want to make a mess at all.

  9. I so enjoyed this post! You are very much like me! ARe all of us artists poor housekeepers? The gunk under my fridge was not nearly as bad as the gunk on the sides of my stove - it was VERY embarrasing! And the light fixture cracks me up too - that is exactly how things look in my house (until my MIL comes, then it all gets cleaned!) Thanks for making me feel normal!

  10. I have suffered "house shame" for so many years, that to see it coming as clean in areas as it is is simply mind boggling wonderful for me. I know full well that it will not last, that we are fully capable of messing it all up and allowing the dirt to rebuild; but for now it's refreshing and nice, and I am enjoying watching and helping it all happen.

  11. Did you check on top of your kitchen cupboards yet? You do not want to know what we found on top of those cupboards in our new home (after cleaning DH put made something on top of it, so it is closed and no dirt will get on it).

  12. personally I'm always amazed at how fast dirt. grime and dust accumulates! I'm not a great housekeeper but I do like to decorate ;)

    I have to start cleaning NOW for Marianne's visit in August!!

    My husband said that having company is a great cleaning motivator ;)

    Those are very cute pics og Henry V!

  13. Sounds like quite the makeover!


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