Saturday, June 26, 2010

An Era Comes to an End, The Last Nine Years: My Sixties

Today begins the last year of my sixties, or as DH says, I am now entering my 70th year! He always has to add one! I have been thinking about this a lot. And wondering what to say. Let me start by saying that my sixties have been some of the very best years of my life. I recently found a poem my mother wrote when she was 4 yrs younger than I am now and it's about aging. None of the things she addressed from crepey skin to liver spots bothers me. I rarely notice those aspects of growing older. What I do notice more are the exciting fun parts of living. Some of the high lights of the past 9 years have been: 1. my daughters engagement, marriage, pregnancy and birth of twins 2. being the grandma to those twins 3. taking that quilting class 4. all the art making that that exploded into 5. starting a blog(s) 6. all that that exploded into! 7. Our dear cat, Brand, of 14 yrs dying. 8. Four years later finding Henry V and letting him fill that void and our lives. 9. My son's getting divorced. 10. My son getting re-married, adding J. to our lives. 11. 10 years of car trips across country to MN; to the coast and beach; to Canada and all the many states in between! 12. getting social security 13. paying off our home 14. being out of debt 15. Watching my older grand kids grow up, graduate from high school (K), get his first home (M). 16. involvement in art shows, selling art, art classes 17. Continuing in my private practice as a counselor, but cutting back my work hours considerably! 18. Losing my mother in law 19. Enjoying my elder aunt and uncle into their nineties 20. Enjoying time spent with my husband, brother, kids, grand kids, and friends. 21. Seeing my DH graduate college and begin and continue teaching first elementary and now middle school. 22. Staying in good health. 23. Dreaming about renovating our home and finally actually doing it! 24. And realizing that 69 is NOT OLD! And I don't think 70 will be either. Check with me next year to be sure.
the baby in the bottom left corner is me on my first birthday with my grandma Ella
25. Happy Birthday to me!
So, am I right in thinking that I am the eldest here?
Can I now refer to myself as a wise old crone?


  1. I first want to say how amazing your header is. And thank you for your conforting comment, it is so good to be back. I realized how much knowing you means to are a good friend...
    I turn 65 in July and I thought it would upset me, but so far I am good. I have enjoyed my 60's more than I ever dreamed. It is like I have found me and it is okay to be me. I didn't like my 50's very much, I was ill, it seemed like I was falling apart, surgerys and the list goes on.
    I think this might be my best time too. I stopped thinking about the things that could go wrong and faced each day easier. Living more in the moment, the joy of the little things, some of the things I didn't stop and really take in. And through this blog shared and will continue to share my has been a blessing to just put the words out there, some of the baggage I have carried.
    You are a beautiful soul and a joy to know, and no matter your age, you have a lovely young spirit.
    Love, Mary

  2. You are completely right!!! I am 78 and never been busier doing things I want to do, having fun and living each day to the full. I cannot be bothered to look for the age spots etc and it's only when catching sight of myself in a shop window that I am surprised by the reflection of someone who is obviously approaching middle age!!! The internet has expanded my world and my knowledge beyond belief, without it I would not have discovered so many like-minded people. So hurray for each new decade! Go girl!!!!

  3. Thankyou So much for this post. I have just turned 60, and it was a "biggie" for me. I somehow felt very old, but just after I decided to give up ALL teaching, I have felt LIBERATED, and fel;l that like you this might be my BEST decade yet!!I am making things "like mad". I don't want to waste a minute!!

  4. Happy birthday, Lynn! Yes, you can be a crone now, according to many...but I don't like the sound of it. How about just wise??? 70 must be the new 40, by looking at you! :)

  5. oh wow lynnie happy happy birthday and mazeltove on reaching 69 in such good health and having such an active and fulfilling life. i loved turning 60 too, and the first 2 years were great, this year has been very hard, but i will get better and find myself again (or a new me).
    wishing you lots more years of good health and happiness, joy and fulfillment. you bring us all so much joy round the world, i hope you know that. love you lots xxxx

  6. I'm so glad you posted this. I always worry about getting "older", but never feeling old, and after reading this, I know that I'm not alone. I have ALOT to look forward to!!--Thank You and Happy Birthday!!

  7. You may be older and wiser but you are certainly not a crone. Happy birthday. This decade has certainly been kind to you. I hope the next decade has even more fun things happening in your life. Great grands maybe.?? :)

  8. You are young at heart Lynn and always buoy my spirit with your enthusiasm and joy in making art and living life. You are definitely wise, but old, never!!

  9. Happy Birthday, how inspirational this post is!

  10. Happy Birthday Lynn....I'm loving this decade too. With your love for life and enthusiastic and youthful attitude, I just know the next will be even better for you.

  11. You make 69 look easy Lynn!!

    And yes, you are entering your 70th year. When we're born we're entering our first year of life :)

    I think you have a life that is fully deserve every bit of it!!

    Happy Birthday to you and a whole bunch more!


  12. Happy birthday or happy 70th year as your DH says. Great years with lots of blessings, health being the most important one.
    Keep on keeping on Lynn!!!

  13. Happy Birthday to my favorite quiltess! You are proof that age has no boundaries and it's all about attitude sista. Great post and love the baby picture! May each day bring you special moments that make you giggle.

  14. Dear Lynn,

    Happy Birthday to the woman who has been my inspiration! Thank you for all that you do and share. Your love of family and life shines like the sun.

    May you always be blessed with the same joy that you bring to all those around you!

    Love, ♥ Terri

  15. hope you have a lovely b-day celebration. loved reading some of the highlights of your 60's. I will be 65 this October. moving along.

  16. What a lot you have accomplished in your 60ies. Bravo. My Uncle is going to be 92 in August and he still enjoys life. So there is no age limit to living life to its fullest if you take care of yourself and just enjoy what you have. Some are old at 20..

  17. Love your newest blog banner. It is super. It is SO you and your latest interests.

    Happy birthday. I hope it is a very happy one and filled with family, friends, and art.

  18. Lynn, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to an amazing woman! I have seen your comments on many of my favourite people's blogs...... and this gives me a chance to join in and say how much I admire you! I hope that when I get to 69....I will have your grace, your intelligence, your creativity and your humour!

    Many celebratory hugs from a new friend,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  19. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Lynn, you look so much younger than 70! And you are much younger at heart! I guessed you for someone my age, in their fifties! No crone, for sure, but wise, yes. Have a most wonderful day/year! xoxo

  20. Shopgirl/Mary, glad you like the new header. Thank you for saying we are friends. I feel the same. I love your stories and how you tell them on your blog. You are an artist with words and scissors and glue!

    2smart, I get that same reaction in the mirror or window. Who is SHE? LOL Thanks for sharing your feelings here! Happy to be in your camp.

    Judy that is exactly what turning sixty did for me too... I too started producing like crazy. I think we suddenly realize we have less time on the planet than we've already lived so we just are hell bent on making the most of it!!!

    Julie, if you are right I am now younger than my children! LOVE IT!!!

    Dear Soulbrush, I was there for your 60th in the best of ways and will be there for your 80th and
    90th too. You hang in will smooth out soon, has to, I have spoken!!!!

    Diane, thank you...yes, the years pass by, but my heart stays youthful. I do believe that part is our choice! come play with me.

    Lisa, they are certainly trying to make me another grand; and some are getting old enough to make a great grand. Bet it happens in my life time. Crone is a postive thing in my mind. I do believe it does denote wisdom from having lived long enough to have learned a few things along the way.

    Patti, thanks and so glad to hear I rub off on others!

    m.heart, oh glad to hear that!

    Marty, thanks so much.

    Lolo, thanks for confirming DHs sentiments! LOL And for your good wishes as well, thanks.

    Teri C. I will do my ever lovin' best to keep on keepin' on! ;-) And you do the same.

    Stampmaiden, so good to see you here today! Thanks for your good wishes too.

    TerBear, your words warm my heart!!! Thanks so much. And thanks for all the ways you stay connected to me.

    Suki, okay little sister! I am celebrating every minute of every day I wake up breathing! ;-) Life each moment to the fullest is my creed!

    Cris, thanks for the affirmation of your uncles example of long life. I hope I am as fortunate! ;-)
    Thanks dear friend.

    Elizabeth of Bluebeard, glad you like the new banner, and thanks for your good wishes too.

    Robin, welcome and thank you. Your words humble me. ;-)

    Annie, thanks for noticing. LOL
    I really am only 30, 40, 50, 60, 68...okay now 69 for one day. It just keeps getting better and better and better!

    Hugs to all of you for coming here today and making my birthday so extra special.

  21. Lynn ,

    A very Happy Birthday and Mazeltov to you! What a great way to celebrate by offering your list of sixties "notables." Somehow a list like yours always makes me reflect on how many amazing things take place in a day, not to mention a year, not to mention a moment! Wishing you many more art years ahead...with love, Hannah

  22. Happy Birthday to you. Loved seeing the list from the past 9 years wow you have experienced a lot. I also want to say that your new banner is wonderful..

  23. Oh Lynn, how amazing and wonderful. I am just beginning my sixties by turning 61 on the 5th of July. I hope my years are as wonderful as yours seem to have been. I am really starting ( for a variety of reasons) to come into who I really am in my 60's and you are a great inspiration for that. Happy, Happy, dear blogland friend.

  24. Happy Birthday Lynn and many Happy Returns!! What a wonderful post! It's been a pretty amazing decade so far!!

  25. Happy Birthday, Lynn. You live such a full life. The numbers have nothing to do with it. It's how we feel and act and embrace everything - and you do it well. Love, E

  26. Happy Birthday, Lynn. I had no idea. You certainly don't look 69, and you sound like you don't feel it, either. I guess that's the ticket; it's all in the attitude. I'll make you my role model.

  27. Happy 69th Lynn. I have so loved watching you grow and blossom into an amazing artist. Your best years are yet to come.

  28. are you sure you're 69, lynn? you can't possibly be - i nearly fell of my chair when i read that. i have always thought of you as my age or a leetle older maybe but not 25 years. now you're even more inspiring :) hope you had a fabulous birthday xx


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