Friday, June 25, 2010

Two Date Nights In A Row...Must Mean...

It's some body's birthday week...or...DH was in dire need of getting out of further cleaning up of his home office and WANTED to hear LIVE MUSIC...actually, it was both! On Wednesday night we headed out to the Delta Venus in Davis, CA to hear live Irish Music.
I love their brightly decorated entrance arch... The food menu is Cuban and I chose mildly spicy coconut curried chicken. That'a a slice of deep fried banana, a bit of sweet potato, greens on rice next to the stew.
DH said his "Jerk Chicken" dinner was quite good too. I was quite taken by this young drummer man's arty tattoos!
I liked his spiral earring too!
The musicians kept coming all evening long...adding to the liveliness of the Irish music.
This woman in the middle took a break at one point and danced some great step dancing, and could raise her leg higher than her head. She obviously is a master of either yoga or ballet or both!
On Thursday night DH said The Old West Trio were
appearing at the Cafe Nostra in El Dorado Hills, CA.
so off we went again! We love all their wonderful Cowboy music
and when I shouted out my request for the
Coyote song I was
We left after dark fully satisfied
Yes, it's some body's birthday week!


  1. A couple great evenings and in a row too. some fun drawings with music to to boot. Cant get any better.. Or can it? I hear there's a surprise in store yet..?

  2. Why didn't I get to go?? It's my birthday week too. Happy Birthday to You????

  3. What a great couple of evenings you two had. What great food photos too! yum-O! Happy Birthday to your hubby (it was his birthday, right?).

  4. I love live acoustic music. Looks like it was a fun time of toe tapping. And all the art was a special treat to look at. You are really doing good. Makes me want to draw more sketches without fear.

  5. Wow, both nights look like lots of fun! I adore most Irish music.

    Your gesture drawings are lots of fun. You're really loosening up girl!

    Who's b'day is it?????
    Looks like it's starting out quite fun!!

  6. Well, Happy Birthday to the birthday person!!! LOL! The last time you posted about The Old West Trio, I went to their website and listened to all their songs! I can't imagine a more fun week! Love how you sketched all those musicians...very nice!!!

  7. Sounds like you had a great time both nights! Love the sketches - people watching is fun!


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