Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grateful Thursday!

I'm always grateful on Thursday because I do not work on Friday! So I am looking forward to a good weekend again! I'm also grateful to my friends, this time Mim, who sent me this creative ABC ATC for the letter "U" for Urban. I also liked the card and envelop she sent with the big green turtle peeking out at me. This folded ATC opens up to show a much longer card inside: Thanks Mim! Love all your folded ATCs.
I also got this treasure of fabrics from Lorna of Artymess here.
She had posted on her blog that her eight yr old daughter Ruby wished to trade artists cards
so I quickly produced one to trade with her and earlier this week got this sweet note in the mail
with this very clever and sweetly made Artist Trading Card!
Thank you Ruby and Lorna!
I do love this butterfly card and delight in the very
attractive fabric swatches you have sent me.
I am sure I will find some way of working them into a creation. &&&&&&&
House Renovation Update
1. A friend recommended the painter who painter the interior of her home. I called and set up an appointment for this Friday for an estimate!
2. I called a Blinds Cleaner who will come and take down my 9 window blinds from all over the house, take them away and clean them and bring them back and hang them the very same day!
(will synchronize this to happen when we get painted)
They have not been cleaned in 22 yrs I suppose I should be ashamed to admit. Better late than never. We are going to shine!
3. Drawers continue to be emptied; boxes continue to be filled.
I am so grateful that I can finally afford to do all this, and
that I took the plunge and am
making it happen!
And it's not as hard as I thought it would be!
What a wonderful gift to myself! &&&&&&&&&&&&
I am up to 82 votes for the swan quilt contest here.
Last day to vote is June 28th.
I appreciate every vote my quilt Nest Building
has received. I have no idea who has voted in the past
few days, but let me say thank you very very much!
I am ever so grateful!


  1. Ruby's ATC card is wonderful--I hope she keeps swapping--this is so great for her and her Mom to share.

  2. An 8yr old did that atc?? What a great job. I got so excited reading about your remodel I actually got out a dust rag and got busy dusting my room. ;)tee hee... Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Lynn...I have to admit it was me who voted two days ago. I found that I had not voted properly before, so finally talked to the webmaster about it, and he told me what to do. For some reason my VOTE FOR THIS words were not showing up!!! When I finally did vote, then my daughter signed up and casted a vote for you as well! Good luck!

  4. What great ATCs you got. Mims are always great but Rubys was so sweet. Your house is going to shine. Its fun getting a make over. You have inspired me to do the things we have put off for awhile too. Altho not as extensive as your makeover.. Still it makes one feel better about where they spend so much of their lives.

  5. I got one of the turtle envelopes too and I love it!!

    Cute little card by Ruby :)

    And yay on the progess!!

    hahaha, word veri=decos!!

  6. Julie, thank you so much for moving me along by voting for Nest Building! And thanks to your daughter too. So sweet of you!
    Much appreciated!!! And to go to such lengths to make it happen, wow!!!

    Lisa, I got a kick out of your cleaning from mine!!!

    Cris, it is fun to learn that my excitement is inspiring others!
    Diane, yes, isn't it great?

  7. Love the ATC Ruby made. She's a real artist already! Sounds like your remodel is starting to take off. Way to go.


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