Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shopping for New Floor Coverings and Window Treatments.

Yesterday morning DH and I met downtown at a small local flooring business establishment to look at samples of laminate and tile. It was a bit of a surprise when I met the store owner, as he was such a familiar face. He and his partner walk at noontime same as I do. And we often cross paths, nod and smile at one another. So it felt quickly that I was dealing with old friends. I had been in the day before and liked this sample below called Kings Canyon Cherry. It has just enough darks and lights mixed together to promise me it won't show dirt easily and still be attractive. And it has a nice texture, not too smooth to prevent slipping.
I chose this porcelain tile for the same reason. Much darker than our old linoleum, but will not look dirty so quickly. Again, a mixture of darks and lights. And again, full of texture so we won't slip and fall on it. You can see the frayed carpet we'll be replacing with the laminate next to it.
Henry is happily busy jumping into all the boxes we are loading up with our belongings. I was happy to learn, relieved really, that the floor crew will move our furniture around for us for a nominal fee. I was so worried, as no way can either of us do that anymore ourselves. And he said at most it will take about four days. We plan to have them do this in early August.
Henry also LOVES and looked as though he was making love to my new purple "Suki Shoes!"
and Teri, if you are peeking in here I did wear them to work today! ;-)
Happy Animal Wednesday from
Henry V
Going to load another box.


  1. henry must be loving the boxes and upheavel - what will you have him do when all the workers come in - will he get spooked? HAW Henry! be a good cat

  2. will you move out during those four days? It's all so exciting. Henry has good taste, eh? Oh by the way, love your new blog template. somehow it feels more you or at least the you I "groke" from your posts.

  3. I think you choose great tiles and laminate.

  4. Mim & Suki, Henry will be at his pampered pet boarding home when Mike does the work on the bathrooms (sinks, fawcets, etc.) as we will be on vacation then ourselves. Not sure, but we might sleep in a tent in the back yard while the flooring goes in. Or a motel. Need to see how usable the house will be. Henry might just live outside then too.

    Suki, you "groke" me right! LOL

    Margeeth, thanks!

  5. Looks like you are getting things figured out. Choices..I hate making decisions on floorings ect. I always want to think of what if I sell it. So when we moved in our home here I thought of US only!!! I plan to stay & enjoy what we picked. lol
    Henry reminds me of our Daisy right now as we are in the middle of a project and have boxes laying around with a cat in them. Thanks for the reminder...Must take some pix.

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  7. What a good kitty Henry is. I hope he gets along with the flooring people.

  8. I see Henry loves those shoes also. A cat with such good taste! Be careful or he will hide them on you. lol

  9. I love that Henry cat! What a doll.
    I love the new look of your blog and the tiles look great:-).

  10. you lucky gull you ..... you and suki have teensy feet :)


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